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Your Questions About X11

February 22, 2013

Donna asks…

What mics are good for commentating on YouTube videos?

I’m trying to get into YouTube, doing Minecraft videos and things like that, and I’ve been using my Turtle Beach x11‘s I got about 2 years ago to record my voice and it sounds horrible. What kind of mics are good for this type of thing? I’ve been looking at a Blue Yeti, any other suggestions? Preferably under $150 :)

Administrator answers:

Blue yeti, and Blue Snowball microphones are what a lot of people use. They’re professional, I don’t know if it’s under $150, but you should still try to get one of them.

Ruth asks…

How many lbs of dirt do I need?

I built a raised garden bed for vegetables that is 4′x8′x11” which would be approx 30 cubic feet. How many lbs of dirt would I need to fill it?

Administrator answers:

Dirt is not sold by the pound, it’s sold by the yard, which is 27 cu. Ft. You need just over a yard of dirt. Hope this helps.

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