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March 3, 2013

Steven asks…

Should I install Insulation & Sheetrock in my shed?

I built a 10′x11‘ shed with stucco exterior and will paint it same as my house. Question, should I put in insulation and sheetrock it? Or just sheetrock it?
I also could take it one (perhaps ridulous step) and texture/paint the sheetrock.
Thanks very much for all the input.

Main use is storage. But not for lawn/garden, thats a diff. shed. I want to use this shed for a ‘clean storage’ thats why I thought about sheetrocking it.

If I left the walls open, I feel it’d bring in more bugs/spiders, etc.
Add’l cost is probably about $300-450.

Last question, if I do leave the walls bare, since I put stucco on the outside, the staples come out on the inside of the plywood, so if a hand goes to touch the plywood, injur could occur; what could I use to cover it up then?

Administrator answers:

If you are not going to heat or cool the air, don’t insulate it.

Paul asks…

How can i ship out a large textbook?

The textbook measures 8.5″x11” (and is quite thick) and i need a 11.5″x14″ bubble mailer. The problem is that I cannot a bubble mailer in this size.

I want to stick to media mail so a box will not work. How should I ship this out?

Administrator answers:

A box works fine for media mail? WTF are you talking about?

Nancy asks…

What is canting/shaft alignment on a ski boot?

I have a pair of dalbello x11 axion series ski boots. And I never really knew what the canting/shaft alignment did. While you’re answering could you also explain in better detail what the flex setting on the back is used for? (when do I put it on soft/hard?)

Administrator answers:

The 2 functions are similar both help you get your foot and leg in the correct alignment so you can edge your skis with more precision. The cant is generally done with a shim under the bindings or by planing the sole of the boot slightly like less than 2 mm. The cuff alignment will tip the cuff of the boot to align the the leg with the sole of the boot. These should be done with the assistance and guidance of a qualified boot fitter who can check your leg and foot for the needed adjustments. This does take some time to accomplish and should start with a balance analysis and custom foot beds.
The flex setting on the back of the boots changes how much pressure you need to apply when you bend your ankles and other joints in the body during skiing. On some boots a similar adjustment is called a walk or ski setting. You might search answers for ski boots and fitting.

Helen asks…

How good is the Tritton ax180 headset?

Is this headset worth the money? Is it better then the X11 Turtle Beach? Compatible with the 360? Advice for a good 360 gaming headset?

Administrator answers:

Turtle beach headset
This one is the best turtle beach headset. I like this headset very very much…
Ear Force X11 Amplified Stereo Headset with Chat

Product Features
- Large acoustically-tuned ear cups with 40mm drivers produce superior audio with deep bass for all types of games digital music and entertainment DC-coupled amplifiers provide super-wide bandwidth down to 0Hz while eliminating the distortion
- Integrated bass-boost makes explosions gun shots and other deep-bass effects more dramatic by increasing the impact of low frequency sound cues with Independent volume controls for game and voice signals to balance XBOX Live chat and stereo game sound
- A microphone monitor keeps gamers from raising their voices louder than necessary and avoids the “clogged ear” feeling that results when you can’t hear yourself speak and accurately reproduces the gamer’s voice while keeping out ambient noise
- Connects to TV or sound systems with XBOX stereo audio plugs to easily choose between speakers or headset with 16 foot cable Works with composite HDMI and VGA video connections

Laura asks…

What gaming headset is actually worth the price?

I would like to buy some expensive headset like 200$ and up I want some xp500 turtle beach or some Astros and I would like to have some really good headsets but wonder is it worth the price I have some x11 turtle beach and I want some surround sound with wireless and blue tooth ability like the turtle beach or the mix amp with Astros help

Administrator answers:

XP500 is not worth the price. If you want the best quality headset you need to pick the X41′s. They are wireless and sound the best out of all turtle beachs. Anything more than 150 is a waste of money. You could probably find the x41 on ebay for 20 or 30 dollars less even if new.

Charles asks…

What is the best possible look for a party flyer?

To elaborate:
A 7″x4.875″ flyer or a 8.5″x11” flyer”?
Dark colors or light colors?
Typographically designed or more photographically designed (words vs. pictures)?
Overall, what would be best?

Administrator answers:

I work in a club, we use reduced printing (you can see samples here of full color club flyers: )

Typically, we use a lot of dark bold colors and high resolution pictures (of girls). Make sure to get the flyers UV coated to make it look sharp

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