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March 9, 2013

Thomas asks…

Can turtle beach x11′s hear enemy footsteps with ninja pro?

iv recently ordered x11‘s from turtle and i was wondering if all the hype was true? are they that good? do they make a difference?? and can you really hear people sneaking around with ninja pro?

Administrator answers:

You have to have it super loud… So an enemy that comes up behind you and blasts you in the head with a un silenced gun will make u partially deaf lol… But im sure u will be able to… Slightly :)

Maria asks…

How to only hear voice with Turtle Beache’s?

I have the Turtle Beach X11‘s for Xbox 360 and I only want to hear voice not the game. I play a lot of halo and the game sound is to loud and I can’t hear any other players. Does anyone know how to make it so you can only hear voice?

Administrator answers:

Turn the sfx volume down in options audio hope i helped. Just so you know if you playing and your’e not in a party i would turn it up so its easyer to sound whore sorry for miss spelling

Carol asks…

Where can I get a picture of Joan Baez from the 60s/70s to send to be autographed?

I’m having unbelievable trouble finding a nice picture on, for example, eBay. I want a picture from the early days, not signed, about 8.5″x11“, 8″x10″, etc. I wouldn’t know how to find a nice picture and simply print it out on good paper, so that’s out of the question. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Administrator answers:


Donna asks…

Do the turtle beach x11s work on pc and can i chat with it?

yea i have a x11 headset and am wondering if it will work on my computer for chat to other people?

Administrator answers:

Yes, you can use them for your PC. They have standard 3.5mm headphone and microphone jacks and a usb plug for power

Michael asks…

Better way to adjust TurtleBeaches X11 mic PLEASE HELP?

I recently bought a pair of Earforce X11 turtle beaches and i was wondering if there was a way in which i could adjust the mic to get a better quality on my videos.

Administrator answers:

Check out the support site and see if they can help…

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