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March 21, 2013

Daniel asks…

Where can I buy a printer that prints on poster-size paper?

At my job, we need to print spreadsheets that don’t fit on 8.5″x11” paper. Instead of doing a lot of cutting & pasting, we’d like to buy a printer that prints on much larger sized paper. Does anyone know of a printer like this? Who makes it?

Administrator answers:

Poster sized paper (18×24″ or greater) uses fairly specialized printers.

Is tabloid (11×17″) large enough for you? Many copier/printers can handle that at a relatively low cost per page.

Maria asks…

What turtle beach Xbox 360 headphones should i get?

So i’m trying to deside which headset would be best for me. i play Halo 3 and soon to play Halo Reach
i was wondering if i should get the Turtle Beach ear force x11 or the earforce x31. please answer soon! :)

Administrator answers:

Well i have both x11 and x31, they are both good but the only difference between them is more bass on the x31′s, so to answer your question it depends on your budget, if you can afford x31′s get then, if not the x11′s are fine.

Laura asks…

why is my headset stopping when my friends talk?

I am trying to listen to music and when ever my friends talk my turtle beaches(X11)stop playing my music.

Administrator answers:

Get another headset!

Mark asks…

I have old WWII photographs, but need to make quality copies. Where can I do that?

My grandma let me take possession for a very short time of some WWII photographs with President Truman and my grandfather. Since I must give the photos back, I want to make quality copies to frame and keep at my house. Anyone know where or what type of place can do this? Some are as large as 14″x11“. I don’t just want to run to kinko’s and put them in a copier.

Administrator answers:

Actually, you can take them to Kinkos and have them scanned in. They can then be retouched and printed at a very high quality. The digital copy will last forever but the printed copy won’t last that long compared with real photos.

There are techniques to get the photos onto a real photographic paper, but I haven’t seen them since I did work experience in a graphics studio in the 1980s.

You might try a local museam or library for techniques for archiving. They might help you in exchange for keeping a copy of the photographs themselves.

But I would go with the digital process.Professional scanners will take almost perfect copies of the original photos and then you can do what you want with them. Including creating a website so your grandma can share her memories with the world (and family).

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