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Your Questions About X11

March 24, 2013

Donald asks…

Can somebody please help me with my computer headset problem?

For Christmas I got a new Turtle Beach X11 Headset, it works perfectly fine when I use it on my Xbox and when I use it on my desktop, but for some reason when I use it on my laptop, a Gateway (with Windows 7) it comes out staticy and nobody can understand me. Anybody got any on ideas on how I can possibly fix this?

Administrator answers:

Start Menu > control panel> Sound and audio devices,
there you play with the vairous settings until it fixes the noise problem.
Most prolly its the ‘Microphone boost’ feature turned on.

Maria asks…

Where can I find out how to prepare a book manuscript?

I’m writing a book and need to know how to prepare the manuscript. Right now, all of my chapters are on their own separate 8 1/2 x11 papers written on my computer. Need to access this information FREE…no cash here to “subscribe to” anything or purchase course. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Here are some basics:

You already know about the 8-1/2 x 11 inch part
Times or Courier 12 point font
1 inch margin on all sides
Clean black ink (if your print is fading because your cartridge is failing, replace it first)
Double spacing (between lines)
Your name and address on the first page
Your last name and the title on all other pages
Word count on the first page (it doesn’t have to be exact; to the nearest thousand words)

There are probably things that I have forgotten, so visit to find out just what is needed.

George asks…

What is the best gaming headset for me?

The Triton Ax pro Or the Astro a30′s. I don’t need to hear footsteps and all that stuff i just want an immersive good sounding game play experience when im playing skyrim etc. hell anything is better than my x11 with a missing ear cup

Administrator answers:

Turtle beach. X30 and the x100′s are good very good

Richard asks…

Why has Mary had her name changed to Margaret?

Henry V111 had 2 sisters Margaret , elder, and Mary, younger. Margaret married James 1V of Scotland, and Mary married Louis X11 of France and then Charles Brandon Duke of Suffolk. However in the serial of “The Tudors” currently on BBC, the name of Margaret has been given to Mary. Why is that or has someone made a boo boo?

Administrator answers:

Not historically accurate, take it with a pinch of salt and read a good history book!

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