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April 8, 2013

William asks…

Can I Power my Turtle Beaches Through the Wall?

Can I use that iPhone usb wall charger with my Turtle Beach X11‘s to power it? Or will it fry my TB’s or something?

Administrator answers:

Maybe, maybe not you provided absolutely no information about the power requirements for the TB.

Maria asks…

my electric guitar humms when i plug it to more than 30 watt amplifier ?

i have a washburn x11 guitar……..i am planning to buy a zoom g2.1u pedal. Can this humming sound be reduced by “zoom noise reduction”(znr) feature of g2.1u?

Administrator answers:

Humming is usually from pickups, or a bad cord. Could be dirt in the pots [potentiometers] too. Pots can be cleaned, but new ones are not that expensive. The pedal might reduce the noise, but something is causing it, that needs to be addressed anyway.
A good tech at a guitar shop can tell you what it is.

Carol asks…

How much do you think this xbox 360 bunddle is worth?

Not to game stop but ebay or craigs list how much do you think its worth i think about 300$

20gig hardrive
Turtle beach x11 headset
One wireless controller
Batterie charger

Halo reach
halo 3
Cod MW2 (harden edition)
Oblivion game of the year edition
Gears of war 2
Naruto storm 2
And a 100$ wirless inter net adapter

Administrator answers:

I’d sell at about $250-275, and if no one bites, lower it to $200. But no lower

console and HD: $85
headset: $25
controller: $25
charger: $10

reach: $30
halo 3: $10
cod: $15
oblivion: $10
fallout: $15
gow: $20
naruto: $5
wireless: $50

Richard asks…

Where should I sell my turtle beaches?

I am trying to sell my turtle beaches x11 but I can’t find a place that would buy it off me for a good price. I tried GameStop but they would only buy it off me for 5 bucks so I said no.

Administrator answers:

Sorry, your best bet is to sell it to a friend for a lower price than ones at gamestop, your headphones are very early model, so people would much rather have a good quality headset as opposed to the x11′s. It would be fun to smash them up though and see whats inside if you dont sell them lol

Charles asks…

Why can’t I hear voices out of my turtle beach headset?

I couldn’t hear out of my X11 headset and I thought there was something wrong with it and it was out of warranty so I went out and bought an XL1 and it has the same problem! Anyone know what is wrong?

Administrator answers:

Well i only know about the xbox 360 but be sure the little black plug in on the chord is plugged in to the controller and the usb is plugged into the back of the console that is how i got mine to work

David asks…

How much would i get for this xbox 360?

It comes with a 250gig hard drive and a turtle beach x11. Also 3 wireless controllers and one is a modded controller. The games are call of duty 4,call of duty modern warfare 2,halo reach, halo 3 odst,forza motorsport 3,pgr4,madden 11,red dead redemption,and assassins creed brotherhood.

Administrator answers:

Don’t listen to the guy above me he’s doesn’t have a clue of what he’s talking about. It depends to who you sell it, if you sell it at game-stop you won’t even get 200 believe me i was trying to sell my xbox with 250 GB turtle beach x31, 3 wireless controllers and a lot more games than that an they were offering 160 for everything but if you sell it to a friend you can get maybe 300-350. I really recommend that you don’t sell it unless you really need the money because you’ve spent a lot more than 300 to get all that so i don’t think its worth selling it.

Ruth asks…

what video gaming headset for xbox 360 should I get?

I’m looking for a good headset and I wanted the x11 turtlebeach headset but I heard it has a hiss. Is it that bad? My price limit is $100.

Administrator answers:

I have the x11′s and ive never notced a “hiss” with them. I like them and the 60 dollars was worth it in my opinion.

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