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April 17, 2013

William asks…

How many sheets of paper can you get out of this?

a paper is made 30 inches wide by 1000 miles log, how many sheets of 8.5″x11” copy paper would you have?

Administrator answers:

1000 miles x 5280 feet x 12 inches = 63,360,000 inches

If you cut out paper in portrait orientation, then you can fit in:
63,360,000 / 8.5 = 7,454,117 sheets per row

If you cut out paper in landscape orientation, then you can fit in:
63,360,000 / 11 = 5,760,000 sheets per row

The most efficient use of the space would be to do one row in portrait orientation (uses up 11″ vertically) and then two rows in landscape mode (uses up 17″ vertically).

That would be:
7,454,117 + 2 x ( 5,760,000 )
= 18,974,117 pieces of paper

P.S. Ideally you would instead take your paper pulp and put it in dimensions that match a whole multiple of the sheet width or height. Technically you have enough paper material for 20,329,411 sheets.

Chris asks…

How do I remove the buzzing noise on my X11 when I talk?

I have X11 turtle beaches and an xbox 360 and whenever I have my mic on I can hear a buzzing noise in the headphones and whenever I talk there is a buzzing noise in the background when I talk. I have a wired controller. How do I get rid of the buzzing noise?

Whenever I don’t have the cord for the mic plugged in there is no buzzing noise.

So is it a problem with the cord?
Other people can hear the buzzing noise when I talk, is it a problem with the amp or the cable going to my controller.

Whenever I do NOT have the cable plugged in there is no buzzing sound.

Administrator answers:

It’s always going to be like that. Because the mic is a condenser, it picks up a lot more noise. If the buzzing really bothers you, you have to just lower the volume or have a lot going on with the volume up on the headset.

Helen asks…

What speed do i need to play call of duty modern warfare 1,2 and 3?

In modern warfare 1, whenever i try to join a server, it counts up to awaiting connection99…(after extending the time) and says server connection timed out.Is this because of my internet speed?What are the minimum requirements?My configuration:

Windows 8 Pro Desktop
2.6 GHz Processor 2GB Ram
Intel Pentium 4
512mb ATI Radeon 5400HD Series Graphics

I have all things like direct x11, drivers and everything installed.

Administrator answers:

I am damn sure that your ping is very bad. To fix this problem you must switch to a new ISP and get a new internet connection. Keep in mind that you ask them the ping they offer. Always remember that a low ping is good and a high ping is bad. To play games like CoD MW 1,2 and 3 a ping near 100-150 ms will be very good.

Donna asks…

I am just about to buy a Turtle beach x12 headset for my xbox 360, do i need to buy any special wires?

I am going to buy a hdmi cable for my xbox 360 – it is a xbox 360 slim because i know my old X11‘s needed something (so i never used them for sound, just playing…) so will i need anything more than what the xbox 360 slim has (which i am also currently buying) and what the Turtle beach X12′s have?

Administrator answers:

Depends Really.
Since you said you were buying the x12′s it comes with the cable you already need and you can’t use Optical Cables on it. All you have to do is plug in the USB 2.0 port into the front or back of your xbox and connect the green wires together. Once you have done that you will need to plug the audio cable on the Headset (White and Red) into your TV. Should work fine after that.

Here’s some more info if you are planning on buying another headset in the future
If you record with any capture cards such as Dazzle, Hauppauge, or anything of that sort you will need to buy Optical Cables.. As for the HDMI that doesn’t have a Optical Cable input on it. Although the slim should come with a AV Composite cable which does have the input for the optical cable. If you have a HDTV you will need to buy a HD AV Composite cable, comes with the additional Blue, Green, and Red slot. There’s only certain types of headset’s that use optical cables. So before you buy a headset make sure you do some research on it. Hope this helps(:

Ken asks…

How to convince parents into getting stuff.?

Well, September is certainly coming fast and as many EA SPORTS followers know nhl 11 is on its way as the release date is the 7th. Anyhow I have around 50 dollars at the moment and here is my problem. I somehow need to buy nhl 11 and also pre-order it and another concern is that I am looking into buying an x11 turtle beach headset. Does anybody know ways to get my parents to try to look into the situation and possibly buy both..
Any thoughts or opinions will help.
Thanks :)

Administrator answers:

When I look back at my childhood I kinda hate myself for all the money they spent on me for useless crap.

Life is full of dissapointments. What can you afford? Get that and give up on the other. At least until you have the money saved up yourself.

Donald asks…

What is better a Surround Sound System or Gaming Headset?

I have a Turtle Beach x11 right now. It sound great, but the thing is I play when my son is sleeping, and if I have the headset on I cant here the baby monitor. So I am thinking about getting a 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System. I just want to know if anyone uses a surround sound system instead of a headset. And if it is as good as a headset or better. Can you still here bomb plants/defuses and footsteps precise.

Thanks in advance

Administrator answers:

If no complain from the people around about the noise, then the sound system is better, i personally don’t like to put on headset on my ears for longer period of time.

Lizzie asks…

is it possible to hook up 2 turtle beach headsets to one xbox 360?

My brother has the X11 and i was going to get the same one, but i wanted to make sure that we can both play at the same time (split screen multiplayer) and both get game sound and chat in each headset. we both have gold accounts.
If it is possible, please tell me how to do it what i might need to buy.

Administrator answers:

You both need a usb port to power your headsets, which you should already have on teh xbox 360 its self.

And one of these

that will split the audio coming out of the tv into both of your guys headphones. You would both plug your green 8mm plug into one of the ends and wala, you both are playing with turtle beaches.

Your both going to hear what the other person is hearing though, thats the only bad part of playing on the same screen and you cant really avoid it

Sandra asks…

Does the Turtle Beach X11 have any bass?

I just upgraded from the X1 today to the X11 and after I was done installing them and started using them I noticed that there is no bass. When I try listening to music or even playing a game. But when I switch back to my X1 I get bass. So im just wondering if there is anything that I may have done wrong or why it isnt working like it should be.

Administrator answers:

The X11 are just the newer versions of the X1s i believe. So idk but maybe the just took out some of the bass. If not you could go and mess with your sound settings on your Xbox

Laura asks…

should i get px21 or x11 turtle each headsets need answeerr quick?

which one should i get… im leaning toward the px21 only because of the variable bass boost but idk if thats worth the extra 20 dollars plus i like the x11 style better please helpppp

Administrator answers:

I would opt for neither – since i don’t really have a high opinion of any gaming/domestic mic’d headsets, let alone bluetooth items (but i’ve my own issues with the mics mostly – audio wise)

An alternative approach, would be either a good comms orientated mic’ed headset that’s good enough for radio transceiver or real (aka analog) telephony purposes – since these types are less ‘toy’ and more tuned (in both driver and mic sensitivity,and response) towards a heavy-ish mid-range, punch tone (both ways) – which in context of what the common use is for (telephony) in the context of gaming & (speech recognition, telephony & voice control) in the context of desktop computing – it makes sense to optimise your choice of mic’ed headset around it’s primary role.

There are USB examples to be had, cheaper than some of those fancy ‘gamer’ market stuff, maybe some bluetooth ones also. But i’d favour an analog wired example for one particular reason :-

If you can find a driverless (in Windows & Linux) usb audio adaptor (an example of such a beast would be something like :- ) – then you have the option of wiring the mic & phones connection of any suitable analog set to this.

Bearing in mind the input for the mic, on such an adaptor, will be something like a 10K ohm impedence and orientated towards low-signal levels such as from an electrec mic insert – you’ll need to chose (for simplicity) a headset with an electrec mic insert present (which is the vast majority these days). The upside of this ‘piecemeal’ approach is :-

1. You can discover, and experiment, with different headsets til you find ones with a suitable audio characteristic for you, and still be punchy telephonic in character. You could even build your own set for not a lot from a set of cheapish hi-fi cans and a cheap electrec mic insert with a piece of wire to hand the insert from (my first ‘new’ radio headset was just that, a DIY effort.. , my second was a commercial aviation grade headset).

2. Such USB adaptors, with a mic input intended for electrec mics, provide the phantom power the insert needs. But in addition, if you have found that your mic audio (on other headsets you’ve used) is a tad quiet and you end up ramping the digital gain up to suit (which is what many USB headsets with volume/mic control simply do) and the improvement is minimal but too much background noise comes in (making the effort redundant) – you can, on an analog headset, build a one or two transister audio preamp (one or two transistors, depending on the type, will provide plenty of gain on the mic side). This tends to be much more effective than digitally scaling the mic audio to counter quiet audio.

Overall, for the kind of money these gamer and console specific headsets go for (if you can find a half-decent one at all) – you can have your own choice of headset (go for broke, or spend bugger all.. Whatever works for you), a USB audio interface that’ll make the set a good PC/Console telephony kit, and the mic preamp (should you want it) wont add much to the cost to build.

All told, you could build a really top-notch radio/telephony orientated kit for no more than the PX21 costs, and more often than not (depending on the cost of the headset part itself) less, and end up with a better product just by carefully mixing and matching parts to your voice and hearing and the application.

It worked for me, my radio headset is also my telephony headset for PC use and will be PS3 applied if i ever need it there – and that includes an external mic preamp such as i described which also has a parametric tone equaliser and compressor in (those last bits are not necessary, but do have their uses towards the punchy tone on the mic input).

Clearly, it’s all down to you – go simply and off-the-shelf, or get creative and roll-your-own – all depends i guess on your motivation and desire for something really effective. But the DIY approach gives you much more scope for improvement and mods to optimise it to your hearing and voice.

Good luck, either way in whatever way you go – sorry about not including any specific parts etc, bar the example USB adaptor, but location often is a big factor in what’s easier to get – so it’s better to leave the part sourcing to you :)

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