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April 19, 2013

Helen asks…

How do i use this dark t-shirt transfer ?

I bought AVERY DARK T-SHIRT TRANSFERS.It saids i dont need to download anything since the transfer sheets are 8.5” x11” no specific Avery template or special software is required to create and print your design.I don’t want to use the one’s they provide.I want to take a image from the computer.How do i do that and do i have to download anything??

Administrator answers:

All you have to do is find the picuture that you want, and click print, make sure your printer settings are on the right size, it will have where you can choose 4×6 3×5 etc. Then put the transfer paper in your printer and print the picture, peel off the backing, and iron on, it should have directions on the inside.

William asks…

Should I upgrade to Turtle Beach X12 headset?

I have an X11 headset and it’s ok, just the background hissing is annoying and my mic kind of hisses when talking to friends on skype. Does the X12 have a loud background hiss? What do you think of the quality of this headset? It’s only 40$ on Amazon right now so I might get it if the hissing is only faint.


Administrator answers:

I bought my x12′s in December 2012! They were my first set of turtle beaches. There are no background hissings. The bass booster on the x12′s increases the quality of surroundings.
Such as if you play call of duty, you would easily pick up foot steps. And the new fitting on your head of the headset makes it more comfortable.

I have not tried the mic on Skype.

Sandy asks…

Can i use dolby surround sound with x31?

My turtle beach x11 recently broke and I was thinking about what to get. I still have the dss(dolby surround sound) and I love it but i was wondering if i can use it with a wireless x31 turtle beach headset.

Administrator answers:

Yes, you can.

I highly recommend it too, the sound quality dips sometimes because of the wireless but the DSS makes it so crisp and immersive that you won’t even notice it.

Steven asks…

Cannot connect Turtle Beach and HDMI at the same time?

I have turtle beach x11‘s and recently got an HDMI cable for my new TV. Here is everything that I connect into my Xbox: Power plug(whatever its called), Black wireless adapter, HDMI cable, and USB turtle beach in front. The Turtle Beaches require that you plug in a white and red plug along with the standard AV cables, But I am not able to plug in the Av cables with HDMI at same time. What do I do?

Administrator answers:

It’s because MS has designed their XBox to take more money from you. You need to get this thing called an XBox Audio Dongle that unblocks that port.

James asks…

How much would this cost + tax in California?

Well turtle beach x11 at the cost of 69.99 + tax and a month of live for 49.99 + tax?

Administrator answers:

Sales tax in Calif. Is 8.75% and in some particular cities it is 9.25%

Carol asks…

How do I fix my headset?

So I bought a x11 earforce turtle beach and now whenever I try to talk into it, my friends never hear me, but when I scream as loud as possible they can barely hear me talk. Can someone help me with this problem?

Administrator answers:

Just email They’ll help you out.

Lizzie asks…

Is there anything that can be done to reinforce a gingerbread house?

I’ve built a very big gingerbread house, and now I need some way to support it and make sure that it doesn’t collapse.
FYI: The tallest part is a 15″x11” slab, which is about 1/4″ of an inch thick

Administrator answers:

Use supports, or use more icing so they can stay. Yes, I experienced this before.

Charles asks…

Turtle Beach Ear Force X11 picking up radio interference, help?

I have a Turtle Beach Ear Force X11 headset which I use on xbox live. Sometimes my headset outputs a talk radio station to my friends which they can hear but I cannot. It has been confirmed by several different friends and when it happens I can see my voice light up even when I’m not talking. I tried googling it and looking on the turtle beach website and haven’t seen anything at all about this. Anyone else have this problem or better yet know something that can be done about it?

Administrator answers:

That’s pretty strange. I think if I were you I’d contact their support. It’s They may be able to replace the headset for you.

Robert asks…

How can you retrieve deleted data on an android phone such as a galaxy s2? Using my computer.?

I’m using mac osx lion on my computer but I also have access to a pc desktop and on my mac I’m running both wine and x11 so I can use windows apps.

Administrator answers:

Yes you can… Provided you have a rooted phone. If not, then no because you don’t have root access to your phone. To give you an example… On a desktop computer, have you heard of the Guest Account? It has limited access, right? That’s sort of how cell phones work. Everyone … You.. Me… We all have guest access to our own cell phones.. So we can’t can’t uninstall certain programs… Or run certain apps. That is why people like to Root their phones… So they can have Administrative Access to their phones.

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