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Your Questions About X11

April 28, 2013

Richard asks…

Can someone give me an estimate as to how much it would cost to replace carpet?

How much (average) would it cost to replace carpet in a room 14’4″x11’10″ and a room 11′x10’5″

Thanks :)

Administrator answers:

You are looking around $500 total. Figure the square footage of the rooms, then you can price the carpet at Home Depot/Lowes (typically around $1-3/sq. Ft.) plus installation.

Ken asks…

How do I make my Microsoft Word page into size A6?

I’m trying to make a recipe card and I am able to change the options in Page Layout > Size to Letter 8.5″x11“, Legal, and then A5. I really need A6 for this recipe card, which (I think) is 3″x5″. Please help!!!!
I can’t find it anywhere in size :(

Administrator answers:

A6 is exactly 4.13″ x 5.83″
If not proposed in size menu, certainly your printer doesn’t support this paper format.

It doesn’t depend on Microsoft Word version

You should try another format if you don’t want to use some scissors …

Steven asks…

My turtle beaches headset for xbox 360 is missing the piece that plugs into the controller what is that piece?

I got them from a friend he said it’s just missing the piece that plugs into the controller i have the ear force x11 if that helps if i went into gamestop what piece do i ask for like i can hear people i just can’t talk to anyone cus it says there is no mic plugged in. IF you could help i’d love you so much :)

Administrator answers:

Find the headset read whats inside if it sounds like you dont have the pice then buy a new one

James asks…

Does know what the best pair of turtle beach and are under $100 at the most $125?

I would like them to be comfortable on my ears and I heard on some of the headphones you can hear a buzzing noise. Does anyone know what or how that happens? I would like something that you can increase or decrease the volume for the sound effect. I have heard about the x11 are really good and great for there price. Anyone know of anything good? If so can you please tell me? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

There is no best pair of turtle beach which is under $100 at the most $125. Most of the products are made in plastic and not very protective.

Good luck!

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