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April 29, 2013

Michael asks…

which 2 wires go to the speaker on the xbox 360 standaerd wired headset?

i bought a turtle beach earforce x11 headset and i have no use for my old headset so i took it apart…i forgot to remember witch wires go to wich contact point on the speaker….which wire is positive or negitive the blue wire or the black wire…i figured the mic part out now i need this…thanks and if possible leave a link to a diagram or sumthing if not all well.

Administrator answers:

Take a guess?? Connect them where u think they go and test it out. And hope to god it doest fry ur controller haha. If it doesnt work/fry ur controller, just connect them the other way.

Mandy asks…

Are TurtleBeach X11′s supposed to sound good?

I got these two years ago and I didn’t use them hardly at all, instead I just used my speakers and a mic for my Xbox. Now though I need them for PC gaming. Wearing an Xbox mic under headphones is awkward, but in my opinion my $20 Sony studio headphones and even my $10 tdk earbuds sound better. It’s like the X11 have hardly any bass, they seem tinny and kind of hurt my ears. Did I get a bad pair?

Administrator answers:

Probably. You can never know with turtle beaches. Sometimes they work well but a majority of them break very quickly. If you needed a pair of good headphones for cheap id reccomend the corsair vengeance 1500 which is 80 bucks new with mic, and 7.1 surround sound. These shouldnt break as easily as turtle beaches but your never sure.

Maria asks…

Can i hook up a headset+microphone to a lenovo thinkpad t420?

I have a turtle beach x11 headset that has usb+headphone+microphone hookups and I was wondering if the lenovo thinkpad t420 had all of these ports before I buy one.

Administrator answers:

I don’t think microphones are compaitable with a ThinkPad. The others can be connected through the audio jacks.

Paul asks…

i am trying to run Cygwin/X but i always get a fatal error message, how do i successfully start up Cygwin/X?

the cygwin terminal displays:
Access is denied.
Access is denied.
startxwin,bat – Starting on Windows NT/2000/XP/2003

and the error box says
“A fatal error has occurred and Cygwin/X will now exit. Please open /tmp/XWin.log for more information.

Administrator answers:

What does the error message in /tmp/XWin.log state?

You might have a file/directory ownership problem on c:cygwintmp.X11-unixX0

Sharon asks…

Should I get my new mouse a friend?

I bought a mouse yesterday at Petco, and a cage thats 9″x11” and has a little second story, with a wheel and a little house thing and food and water.
Should I go back to petco and get it a friend to keep it company? Assuming it already knew one of these mouses cause it’s been with them
Also is my cage big enough to accommodate two mice?

Administrator answers:

It depends upon gender. Bucks past the age of 4 weeks old must be housed alone as they can and will fight, often until death. Even siblings must be solo. (The exception is experienced mouse parent with mice from well tracked lines in a few European countries.) Does, on the other hand, do best in colonies with 3 considered ideal. TFM is an excellent mouse site with details as follows:

If your resident mouse is a buck, he will be quite content with just you as his only living contact; however, because mice are quite the social critters, you will need to spend more time with him because of this. I prefer does as I love my little colonies, but no gender is “better”. I know a lot of people that prefer bucks.

If your resident mouse is a doe, you can immediately put the new addition with her as you are planning as long as she was from the same cage. I mention this because if this is not possible to get another doe from the exact same cage, there is no reason you cannot get another doe(s) from a different cage/litter/store. In the almost 20 years I have been a mouse mommy, I have had countless successful introductions with does from different litters. Only twice did I have to house a doe solo. You would, however, have to quarantine any mouse not from the same cage for 3 weeks so that if the new mouse has any health issues, they would become evident; thus, not transmitted to your resident mouse. TFM discusses QT and suggestions for making the introduction process go as smoothly as possible. In addition to information on introductions, the Mouse Information page at TFM has details on diet, housing, bedding and so forth. They also have an active forum. The links to the MI page and the forum are below:

As far as cage size, a 10 gallon (20″ x 10″) tank is the minimum for permanent housing for 1 buck or up to 3 does. I use 28″L x 16″W and 32″L x 16″W size bins for up to 4 does. They allow for a lot of accessories, are easy to clean and inexpensive. Nightly spot cleaning of the tinkle/poo areas prevents ammonia build-up. TFM has a cage calculator with recommendations you can use to ensure your mouse has sufficient living space at the following link:

If you need help determining gender, TFM has a section on sexing. It is as follows:

I am adding a thread on toys you can make for little or no cost to keep your mouse/mice amused. It is important to keep their mind(s) stimulated, but you need not go broke in the process:

(If you cannot read the above thread, you will need to register first.)

John asks…

can you talk in party chat and listen to footsteps in cod with turtlebeach x11?

im thinking of buying these but i want to know can i talk in xbox live party chat and listen to footsteps with the turtle beach x11‘s

Administrator answers:

Yes, you just have to turn the chat volume down a bit or the game up.
It has a volume control for both

Betty asks…

How much would i get for my xbox 360?

Its an arcade it has a 20 gb harddrive i beleive , i have op raccoon city , mw3 , gears or war 3 , mw2 , earforce x11‘s , battery pack plus charger an a keypad

Administrator answers:

Mostly it depends how much you want for it. However, it also needs to be within a certain price range, like about $75-$125. Based upon what you include with it, and its condition. Also keep in mind that the value drops exponentially with each year once it leaves the shelves.
I hope this helps :-)

Ruth asks…

Is there a flatbed scanner that can scan larger than the normal 8.5×11?

I’ve searched websites and stores for a flatbed scanner that’ll scan documents that are larger than 8.5″x11“. Can anyone help me, PLEASE? Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

You want a ‘large format scanner’. They come in several sizes. I’ve seen flatbed scanners big enough for a full sheet of newspaper.

Check out EBay for ‘large format scanner’ and you’ll see some.

I would think any professional graphics supply place could get you one. I don’t think they’d have one in stock but they could order one for you. Or you could buy one online. I looked at my favorite electronics place, NewEgg, just out of curiosity, but they don’t have them.

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