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May 16, 2013

Charles asks…

How much money would I get for this at GameStop?

If I traded in an Xbox 360 slim 250GB, 22 Xbox 360 games, a controller, and turtle beaches earforce X11?

Administrator answers:

Right now with the double instore credit you will get around 177$ for the system.
Depending on the games you will get between 20-100$
10$ for the headset.

Mandy asks…

In Adobe Indesign, can you export a smaller document to Center on a letter size PDF?

So let’s say I have a document I made 4″x6″. I want to export it as a PDF and have it centered so when I open the finished PDF, it is a 4″x6″ document centered on a 8.5″x11” letter size sheet.

Administrator answers:

Your indesign document has to be 8.5×11, with the 4×6 document centered on it, IN INDESIGN. Exporting the PDF will reflect exaclty what the inDesign document shows. So you’ll be exporting an 8.5×11 PDF with a 4×6 graphic in it.

Mary asks…

Should I buy turtle beaches x11 or over ear headphones?

i really dont know what to do guys. should i get turtle beach x11 or these headphones that recieved amazing reviews?

i really want to listen to music with headphones like these and i know that turtle beaches can do that, but with a usb power supply. so i need advice! what should i get?

Administrator answers:

Definitely the TB if you want to game with them!

James asks…

How much is my xbox 360 bundle worth?

Everything is in great condition.
Xbox 360 elite 120gb black console, new in package xbox 360 headset, turtle beach x11 headset, play and charge kit, 2 controllers, hdmi cable, power cables, internet cable and audio adapter cable (allows use of headset and hdmi).
For games:
Gears of war 3
Forza 3
Halo 3 odst
Cod black ops
NBA 2k12
Battlefield 3 limited addition
I don’t know if this is clear but I want how much I can sell this for.

Administrator answers:

675.00 $ us dollars or around there.

Robert asks…

How to setup turtle beach for only the sound?

I never use the mic so how do i setup the turtle beach (x11) for only the sound? what do i have to plug and not plug? there is a green, pink, usb, plug into xbox controller, the red and white

Administrator answers:

Just turn the switch off so the light is red on that white piece..dont know what it’s called. The pink cable is for using it for a computer. Plug everything else in and leave the pink..and turn the switch off and put the game volume up

Donald asks…

Where can I find an application similar to the Gimp?

I just had everything on my macbook cleared off, and I’m looking for something similar to the gimp~ this time, where I don’t need X11.

Administrator answers:

You should consider some fully online image editing solutions. Just do a google search for it. I believe one of the popular ones is

Take care!

William asks…

is this normal for a turtle beach x11 headset?

I love my new turtle beach x11 headset, but i was wonderin; is it normal that it always makes some noise. Even when all game sounds and chat sounds muted, I still hear this continuos noise.
It’s not really a biggie though, cause if I use it long enough, I won’t notice the noise anymore

Administrator answers:

The Xbox controller compresses chat voices on XBL and that can cause a very slight hissing sound in the background. This is caused by the controller, not the headset. Since the headset is self-powered, it is going to amplify sounds coming into it–including game sounds and chat voices–and background noises too.

The good thing is that you can’t hear this background hiss over the game sounds. That’s the main thing.

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