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Your Questions About X11

May 17, 2013

Joseph asks…

Can I use 2 gamestop gift cards on 1 purchase?

I have 2 $20 gift cards for gamestop. I wanna buy an x11 Turtle beach headset but I want to use both cards for it. Is it possible i can do it?

Administrator answers:

Yes, you can do that

William asks…

Whats the best way to soundproof this room?

My friends and I are trying with a band but we have to use my spare bedroom as a practice room. The room is 10′x11‘x8′ and has carpet.

We already bought a 8′x4′ convoluted panel and put it on the ceiling but it didn’t seem to do too much. I’m mostly concerned with my drum kit. We like to play loud but hate the small space and all the sounds bouncing around.

Any ideas for a good sound absorber or echo reducer? We’re still trying to be pretty cost efficient though.


Administrator answers:

The egg cartons carla is referring to are the ones made from pressed cardboard/paper.

NOT plastic, styrofoam ones!

Lizzie asks…

How to fold a letter to fit a #6 3/4 envelope?

Is there a way to neatly fold an 8-1/2″x11” piece of paper to fit a #6 3/4 envelope without a ton of extra space?

Administrator answers:

Fold it into three equal sections with the print on the inside./

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