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May 21, 2013

Robert asks…

Has anyone seen picture by Pieter De Hooch that is on what looks like a thin piece of wood?

It is approx. 9″X11” and is 3 women and a man in a courtyard behind a house. I think the original was painted between 1657-59. Does anyone know the value?

Administrator answers:

De Hooch did a number of courtyard paintings, several of which you can see on the sites below. It sounds as though you know you don’t have an original. A mere reproduction or copy wouldn’t be worth much of anything.

If you think you do have an original, you must contact either a reputable fine arts appraiser or major auction houses, such as Sotheby’s or Christie’s. De Hooch is an important artist, and an original by him would be worth quite a bit. I can’t say how much here without seeing the work. No reputable appraiser would work from a mere description.

Chris asks…

Would a HTR-5950 Yamaha Reciever have a audio output?

I have a Turtlebeach X11 headset and I can connect the piggyback plugs and have the audio of the xbox come through. I want it to play anything use my receiver for. But i want to plug it into the “audio out” which my TV seems to have but I need it for my receiver. Can anyone help me find where this could be or an alternative for this. I don’t want to use a headphone jack because is diminishes the sound quality.

Administrator answers:

All receivers wil have a “Line Out” or “Record Out” which is usually used to feed a tape deck. But it can be used to feed the input of a TV if you wish. It is not affected by the volume setting on the receiver. If you’re looking for an output that is controlled by the volume control, then you will need a receiver with a “Pre-amp Out”.

Nancy asks…

How much of a diffrence does it make having a wired headset over a wirless headset?

turtle beaches x11 or x31

Administrator answers:

Well my wireless ( the X41′s ) have better quality sound than my friends X1, and my other friends X11.

The only major difference ( other than the headsets themselves ) is that they dont have to spend money on batteries, but they cant walk around the house like i can.

Ruth asks…

Do you have to use the xbox usb for the turtle beach x11′s?


just wondering whether i could plug in turtle beach x11 usb into a usb plug in the mains or does the headset use the usb for the chat as well as power

In that case how does the headset get the chat??

Administrator answers:

USB is just for powering the amplifier on the X11. The talkback cable that attaches to the headset and the 360′s controller is what provides chat and mic transmission.

Daniel asks…

Hooking up Turtle Beach x11′s with xbox HD component cables?

I have turtle beach x11‘s and just bought my first HDTV. I was wondering how you hook up the turtle beaches with it.

Administrator answers:

You follow the instructions in the manual?

Sharon asks…

Should I sell my photographic art in limited editions, or not?

I am an emerging photographic artist starting to sell my work through art shows, the web and possibly some galleries and am debating whether to sell it in limited editions. Let me explain my work; it starts as an original photograph, but after much digital rendering, the finished piece looks like an oil painting and is initally presented as a giclee print on a large canvas.

If I go with limited editions, I’m thinking of offering editions totalling 100 signed and numbered giclee prints. These editions would be comprised of prints of varying dimensions; ie: 8”x11”, 11”x15, 16”x22” and, of course, the large canvas; all within the same edition. Any opinions on this approach? I’ve seen it done elsewhere, so I’m thinking it might work.

On the other hand, should I even limit my editions? I’ve had advice that I should just sign the prints and not number them. That would certainly be a lot less work for me, but in trying to become collected as a serious artist, is it a viable approach

Administrator answers:

You could try limited editions on a few of your very best. As you become better known and your work is recognized you should go to all limited editions.

Lisa asks…

How much would this xbox 360 setup be worth?

Xbox 360 slim 4gb w/ wireless controller
All cables even HDMI
Turtle Beach x11 headset fully equip with av connecters
Battlefield bad company 2
Naruto Ultimate ninja storm 2

How much do you think it will sell for? Ebay

Administrator answers:

Like 180-220

Donna asks…

Where can I find a listing of color names and the actual colors that can be used as backgrounds for xemacs ?

I need to try out some background colors for my xemacs. I know there is a listing of colors at /usr/lib/x11/rbg.txt. However, I would like to look at the actual colors along with their names to make a choice. I am sure I had found some site that had a nice listing of these colors for emacs (or xemacs) but I can’t find it anymore.

Administrator answers:

If you put the pathname you reference into Google, the VERY FIRST result is a list of the names with that color text right next to the name.


Donald asks…

How much should I sell my Xbox 360 for?

Just console is Xbox arcade with 250gb hhd & one controller

I have 10 games, 1 month gold card, & a turtle beach headset x11 with ampiflier, & all cords: hdmi, optical, etc

everything is in great condition & I wrote on the xbox & xbox has stickers on it…

what would you pay for? what would you sell for.

by the way I live in the U.S. so DOLLARS$$

thx everything is welcome.

Administrator answers:

Well, if you’re selling just the xbox I would buy it for a hundred. But, if you’re selling all of that I would pay 200 to 250 depending on the games you have. Either way, you will be losing money big time. Considering one new 360 game costs around fifty bucks.
The stickers don’t matter to me as long as it runs fine. Just consider this in the future with what ever you aquire. You could want to sale that item later also. And, some people want their things in near mint condition.

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