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Your Questions About X11

May 29, 2013

Laura asks…

How much do you think I could sell this Xbox 360 setup?

I have the Xbox 360 Elite with the 120gb and on it I have all 3 black ops dlcs, both GTA IV expansions, saints row 2, lost planet 2. I also have Black ops, Halo wars, an HDMI cable, and a Turtle beach x11 headset, one wireless controller and a 512mb memory card.

Administrator answers:


Nobody wants an XBOX Elite. Everyone is using the Slim models with Kinnect support.

Mary asks…

What is a good headset with mic to talk on skype?

Friend told me to get turtle beach x11 but isn’t that overkill? Its used for xbox games but I just wanna talk on skype

Administrator answers:

Its a good and very popular headset. I’m sure you will like it.

Robert asks…

what is the best xbox 360 gaming headset you can get under $80?

I’ve been wanting a good Xbox 360 headset but i haven’t found a good one that I can buy without spending unnecessary amounts of money. I wanna know if the Turtle Beach X41′s are worth the money and why they are necessary vs. the X11‘s. And are there any other kinds of headsets compatible with the 360 but are around the X11‘s price range? thanks guys.

Administrator answers:

The X41 is totally worth it. They have bigger speakers, they’re wireless and surround sound. The X11 sounds awesome, but it’s a wired stereo headset.

If you can’t break $80, get the Turtle Beach X11 or the PX21. Add the DSS later for surround sound.

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