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June 5, 2013

Joseph asks…

How come Ubuntu still attempts to install modules that failed, even when I apt-get install something else?

I recently had issues installing the nVidia drivers through the terminal using apt-get install nvidia-current. The install constantly broke stating that there were errors while building the package. It muffed up my X server causing me to have to recreate a new config file in the X11 directory.

I face-palmed after I realized I could have easily gotten the package on nvidia’s website. I downloaded and let nvidia’s installer easily take care of the rest. The installation was successful.

Now everytime I use apt-get install, the installer installs the program I download and at the end, attempts to install the same failed nvidia-current package. How do I stop this?

Administrator answers:

When you ask for help with stuff like this, you need to include the actual error messages.

What would try first is to sudo apt-get purge {packagename}. If that doesn’t work, report the errors.

I had this error on debian when I switched from the debian driver to the binary driver from the nivida site. I had to use a dkpg command to list all packages that included the nvidia name, pipe it though grep, and do a sudo dpkg -r nvidia-packagename to get rid of them all.

I think the command was sudo dpkg -l | grep nvidia…but you could look that up.

As for the xconfig file…why did you have to create a new one…when you didn’t have a correct driver anyway? When you finish installing an nivida driver, it usually runs a program that backs up and creates a new xorg.conf file that is “optimized” for your system…if it doesn’t you can run this command by typing sudo nvidia-xconfig

Laura asks…

Why are my turtle beach x32′s beeping every 10 seconds?

Just bought a new pair of Wireless Turtle Beach Earforce x32′s cause my old x11‘s broke. I haven’t had them for a day and they beep every ten seconds or so. I don’t have the manual cause I threw it away and tried googling it but to no avail. Any ideas? Hopefully it’s not the battery’s dying cause they are brand new and not even used for 24-hours.

Administrator answers:

They always do that. It’s because they are wireless.

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