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June 10, 2013

Ken asks…

No audio jack output or red and white output for Turtlebeach headset?

I am wanting to buy a pair of turtle beach headsets, i am either going to get the xlc or the x11 but my problem is on my TV i dont have an audio jack output, and also i am wanting to play my game through HDMI so i cant use the piggy back cables. i Want to know if there is any way of troubleshooting this or recommending something else? P.S. i have an LG 26LC46 which also has no red and white audio outputs either.

Administrator answers:

You can use the piggy back cables if you remove the casing of the AV cable to allow it to plug in the same time as HDMI

There is also a official xbox audio adapter for this purpose if you don’t want to break the the end of the AV cable

Mandy asks…

Need help splitting a 2 page document into a 4 page, Word 2007?

Currently I have a completely created newsletter that is 2 pages long set at 17×11 and I need it 4 pages long 8.X11. And it has to carry over the contents. Can this be done?

Administrator answers:

Just change the size under page layout. It will automatically distribute the text across the new sized pages.


Betty asks…

My speakers and headphones play back system sounds not media?

My speakers will play back test sounds but won’t play back any music or media at all whether it’s games or music or youtube I have sony speakers and I’ve even tried using my headset which are TurtleBeach x11‘s I’ve tried updating my drivers and I’ve went through realtek to make sure nothing was muted
Okay so youtube sound is now working but itunes and etc is still not

Administrator answers:

It could be a mute or low volume in the MS chat program one person on another forum stated to check that; also it depends on what program your using to access the i-tunes and what version operating system you have on your computer….

Chris asks…

I want direct x11 to play latest games .?

I have vista home basic 32 bit service pack 1 . I am planning to buy direct x11 compatible graphic card . But my vista support directx10 . Will i will get direct x11 after purchasing direct x 11 compatible graphic card . Please help

Administrator answers:

The game should come w/DX11-Vista I believe will no longer be support by microsoft for auto updates

Michael asks…

What Xbox Gaming Headset should I get?

My old Turtle Beach X11‘s broke, so It’s time for a new headset. I want the astros a40, but those are 250 bucks. My alternative was the tritton ax720, which are 150. Are the a40s worth the money? Also, I thought I heard the Trittons mic has had problems in the past. Is that true? Which one should I get? Keep in mind, I talk to people a lot, so I would like the mic to be good.

Administrator answers:

I would recommend you to go for the X41, in the lowest price you would get the same quality of the astros so you should not think about wasting such amount on the over rated head sets. Here is a review from an owner of the headset which I found out to be helpful:

And if you decide to go for this headset than from my bookmarks, here you would be able to find it under 150:

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