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June 19, 2013

Linda asks…

Should I get the turtle beach x11 or tritton ax 180?

I’m wondering which mic to get for the xbox. I was leaning towards x11 but then I asked my friends said to get trittons. they’re only 10 dollars more I just wanna know which has better durability and sound quality?

Administrator answers:

DEFINITELY get the TBs. More expensive doesn’t mean better. And with Trittons, you pay a lot more for a lot less. In terms of durability, both are solid, but TB kills on features.

TB offers bass boost, mic monitoring, nice 40mm speakers and a very comfortable design.

Carol asks…

How to Bind and Make a 300 Page Hardback Book?

Pages were printed out top on 8.5″x11” paper, one page per side

Administrator answers:

I dont know if this will help, but i thought of it as soon as i read your Q.


Jenny asks…

Turtle Beach X11 making buzzing sound that I can hear through mic and everyone else in game can hear on PC?

I have Turtle Beach X11‘s and they constantly make a buzzing noise (I have kind of noticed it being the frames per second going by and the mic is picking them up) when I play games on my PC. I don’t know if it’s just the mic or if it’s just my computer. If it helps I have an Alienware Aurora R2 and am plugging the usb cable in the front on the left most usb port when the computer is to my left. Does anyone else have this problem and if so, how do you fix it?

Administrator answers:

Your connector pin must have some problem.

Ken asks…

How do downgrade from Direct x11 to Direct x8?

I was told by a friend I could probably run my pc game better if I downgrade from Direct x11 to Direct 8.
Is this possible?

My OS is Windows 7 and my graphics card if it matters is a NVIDIA GeForce GT 430

Administrator answers:

DirectX is an API , helper libraries which allows the game developers to harness the hardware features present in the graphics card. For e.g. Ur gt430 has hardware capable of displaying/rendering new game features like tessellation which game developers can access via directx 11 or higher .

As for Directx 8 , which is very old , the games which need directx 8 can be run on win7 because it does implement legacy directx libraries and newer games require directx 10/11 will take advantage of ur new graphics card features .

Bottom line u don’t need to worry about any downgrading , it is taken care by the os and the game itself since they are just libraries which helps the game to access graphics card hardware to show some game effects .

U are better off with a newer graphics card which can render even modern effects than any older graphics card cause upcoming games might require new graphics card hardware to render some complex gaming scenes than any old graphics card can offer !

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