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June 21, 2013

Joseph asks…

Can i play music through my Turtle Beaches and listen to CoD gameplay and chat at the same time?

I have Turtle Beach x11‘s, and before i got these i liked listening to music while playing CoD. Can i use my Ipod or an xbox media player to play music through my headphones while playing?
Thanks :)

Administrator answers:

To answer your question yes you can, just have your turtle beaches set up as normal, and play whatever game, music and chat, only problem is the music is linked with the game volume so in order to hear music or game turn down the game volume in-game.

Laura asks…

Will a SteelSeries Audio Mixer work with my Turtle Beach X11′s?

I’ve had my X11‘s for around 4 months now and they’ve been OK but I want better sound quality and something that doesn’t have wires trailing everywhere. I’m saving up for the SteelSeries Siberia V2′s (Xbox360) but if I buy the Audio Mixer first will it make a difference to my X11‘s and how would I go about connecting it?

Administrator answers:

The links below show all the different hookup options. They do appear compatible and they contain the necessary hook ups.

Richard asks…

Can I ventilate an Air Conditioned Room?

I have a split AC installed in my room. After a few hours, I feel suffocated, sleepy, dizzy and the room feels stuffy. As we know split ACs don’t exchange fresh air from outdoors, probably, the indoor air with depleting oxygen is to blame.

Can I install a 120mm computer chassis fan on the wall, in order to draw in fresh air from outside? Would it affect the efficiency of the AC to a large extent?

Room dimensions: 15′x12′x11‘; AC: 1.5 ton inverter.

Thank you.
I’m afraid keeping a window open might put high load on the AC.

Administrator answers:

How about opening a window and let some fresh air in, even if the A/C is running. The air will warm up but big deal the world is not going to come to an end. After the air is refreshed close the window. I would also look around to see what is in that room before blaming your dizziness on the A/C unit. How was the home insulated? If it was back in the 50/60′s some of that stuff in the walls had formaldehyde in it.

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