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June 28, 2013

Chris asks…

Can you use a turtle beach to commentate with on debut capture software?

I am trying to make commentaries with debut capture software but i dont have a microphone for it but i have my turtle beach x11

Administrator answers:

You need to get a microphone. Try to get one on You can use one of the usb microphones
good luck

Robert asks…

why does my turtle beach mic and my friends turtle mic make a loud buzzing noise when in skype?

Ok, I use x11‘s and my friend uses x 12′s. But when ever we are in a 1 on 1 skype call, there is a really loud buzzing noise that comes from both our mics, but the instant that someone else joins our skype call, the buzzing just disappears. It is really annoying and imbearable when i am trying to talk to him. Thanks in advance!
these answers seem legit lol

Administrator answers:

That loud buzzing noise is the government secretly listening in on all your conversations, and the reason it goes away when someone else joins is because that person is probably a spy for the government who is done trying to “secretly” listen in on your conversation..

Charles asks…

Got juice on my fingers and touched a scroll for my Xbox Amplifier? Sticky?

I am very frustrated at this.
What can I do? Please, I am going to like smash this thing.

Its the amplifier for the Ear Force X11‘s
Will the stickyness reduce over time?

Administrator answers:

It will reduce over time, but if u leave it it will fuck shit up. Go get some cleaner like windex or something..any type of cleaner is useful, just dont use to a dat on a cloth and wipe it and should be ok

Lisa asks…

How can I translate the dimensions and measurements of my room?

Okay so i’m trying to figure out this floorplan that was given to me. It’s of my apartment, more specifically my child’s room…. it says it is 12′-4″x11‘ …. This is from what I can see. Here is a link of the floor plan, it is the second room not the master bedroom. So confused lol

Administrator answers:

That means that the room is 12 feet 4 inches long by 11 feet wide. It’s really quite simple.

James asks…

Do you need a flat screen for x11 Turtle Beaches?

this is a really stupid question but im about the get the x11 turtle beaches for xbox 360. ive been looking at set up videos and everybody has a flat screen. i have one in my basement but i dont use it. can i still use the headset.? and also are the x11s a good buy? what are the cons to the x11s. thanks

Administrator answers:

No, you don´t need a flat screen.
The x11 is good.

Jenny asks…

What headset should I get for ps3? Turtle Beach p11 or px3?

I really want a nice headset while playing cod… I use my brothers x11 for pc right now and i know i can use Amigo II to make them work on ps3 but they are shit and i don’t like them. I watched videos for p11 and px3. i find px3 more professional but its a lot of money and i don’t get money often.
I need to know what headset is better and what one i should get.

Administrator answers:

The p11 offers great sound and comfort, bullets flying by me in BF3 sound really real :)
Its easily connectable to the ps3 too, the necessary cables come along with the package.

Sandy asks…

My Tritton headset broke, should I get a replacement or Turtle Beaches?

My removable mic for the Tritton AX180 broke and I was wondering whether or not I should replace them or buy the Turtle Beach X11 or PX21 instead. Every review site says Trittons, but all my friends recommend Turtle Beach. What should I get?

Administrator answers:

Both are top of the line products so it comes down to preference . I personally prefer Tritons to Turtle beaches but either option is good

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