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July 6, 2013

Susan asks…

I want to buy a Turtle Beach x11 headset but i want to buy it cheap.?

i need to know any sites that sell the x11 cheaper than £45 please leave the site name and information.

Administrator answers:


Robert asks…

Which brand of headsets are better? The Turtle Beach Headsets or The Medusas?

I am leaning more towards the Turtle Beach Earforce X11 headset but I want your guys take on this.
Please give facts and your experience with them.

Administrator answers:

Turtle Beach has features that Medusas do not, and have much better sound. The X11 has chat boost and microphone monitoring, and replace the excellent X1 headset which I personally owned. Building upon that, you have one serious headset. Check out my sources for comparison and feature charts.

Ruth asks…

does the x11 turtle beach head set work with windows 7?

im looking to buy a gaming headset for pc and xbox 360 and so far the x11 is perfect but i don’t know if it will work with windows 7. i don’t wanna buy it if it doesn’t so can anyone tell me if it does or doesn’t

Administrator answers:


Mandy asks…

I think my Play and Charge kit is broken?

When I plug it in the red light doesn’t show up, when I unplug the charge kit my controller instantly disconnects and I can’t reconnect my controller, it never did this before but I have Turtle Beach X11 too so whenever I have my Play & Charge Kit in my mic makes a buzzing sound that everyone can hear.

Is my Play and Charge Kit broken?

Administrator answers:

Yes its broken!

Betty asks…

Will my computer be able to run Mass Effect 3?

I have a Samsung QX411- W01. My specs are: intel core i5 processor, intel HD graphics card, direct x11 compatible sound card, Windows 7 64-bit. And if it helps any my computer was able to run the Mass Effect 3 demo in all parts without a problem. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Your graphic card might cause an issue

see the system requirements here:

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