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July 7, 2013

Thomas asks…

Whats the best, Low costing Wood/Laminate flooring?

My room is 10′x11‘ And I have Icky dark Green carpet thats been there for like 15 years Lol.
Its stained, And nasty looking..

Whats the best hardwood/laminate flooring out there?
How would i purchase, And what are the lowest prices?

Link,Sites,Brands, And added info is greatly appreciated. thanks. [; !

Administrator answers:

We just replaced some old green shag carpet that fits your description

used Armstrong snap & lock wood laminate flooring.

Looks great & is easy to keep clean.

Laura asks…

How to work turtle beach x31?

I want to upgrade from x11 to x31. Is it a good idea also my xbox i wirelessly connected to my wireless roater. And there is sometime and ipod or two or a computer connected to the wifi would this affect the signal?

Administrator answers:

Nope the signal is not affected I have 2 xboxes laptops and iPods that me and my roomate have hook up to our wireless router an we both have x31s their very nice and the signal will be just fine

Nancy asks…

Is there an e-reader with a large screen and e-ink finish?

I have a “classic” kindle with a keyboard and love it. My only gripe is that it’s difficult to read pdf documents on it since the screen is so small. Is there an e-reader that has the e-ink appearance of the classic kindle, but a screen large enough to read 8″x11” pages? Both Kindle and Nook seem to have only e-ink for the smaller screen models. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

There’s a larger screen eInk reader called the Kindle DX. It doesn’t have the large size like what you mentioned, but it’s quite a lot bigger than those regular eInk readers:

Ruth asks…

I’m writing a play; how many pages of script should I expect to get out of a 10-minute act?

The pages are standard 8.5″x11” document paper, double spaced. There is more dialogue than stage direction.
Thank you c:

Administrator answers:

When I took a screenwriting class–I was told that each page usually takes a minute. So you should aim for 10 pages and then trim/add if needed. When you think about the dialogue–consider that most actors will take their time with the words, pause now and then, etc.

Sandy asks…

what is the name of the this style of shoulder bag?

the girls shoulder bags that (for size reference) can be covered if you set a book that’s about 8″x11” on top of it, they usually don’t have a zipper just a flap with a buckle and they are only big enough to hold a cell phone wallet and a couple necessary supplies i.e. makeup, pads, phone charger, the shoulder strap is long enough that it sits at about waist height, they usually come in a deep green, grey, or black, what is the name of that style bag?

Administrator answers:

Messenger bag

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