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July 19, 2013

Mark asks…

how much do you think a small zoo med turtle dock and its box weighs?

how much do you think a small zoo med turtle dock for 10gallon tanks & up weighs inside its orginal box.the turtle dock its self is 5″x11 1/4″ (12.5cm x28.5 cm)
i have some one who want to buy this off me and i dont have a scale to weight it. and i need to know the weigh so i can find out how much shipping will be .

Administrator answers:

Somewhere between 1 and 100 pounds.

Lizzie asks…

how to construct indoor charcoal grill for restaurant?

We are constructing an 8′x11‘ charcoal grill in our restaurant for grilling your own steaks. We have the masonry part but need to know what kind of metal to use inside of grill. If you have an accurate answer, would appreciate it.

Administrator answers:

A friend f ines built a grill and used bare cast iron for his grill grates so thats what I am suggesting. I like a surface that not only gets hot, but holds a lot of heat. It gives good grill marks and helps get food cooking faster.

Good luck with your project

Richard asks…

Sound will play out of laptop speakers, but not headset when plugged in.?

I have the new hp pavilion dv6 running on windows 7. I have a turtle beach x11 headset and when I try to plug it into the headset port the sound continues to come out of my laptop speakers while nothing comes through my headset.

I’ve looked around trying to find similar questions or answers and have tried a few things but none work.
Thank you in advance.

Administrator answers:

It’s either your headphones or the laptop headphone out jack. Test the headphones on a different device to see if they work, if they do work then it’s probably your laptop headphone out jack, but if they don’t then it’s probably your headphones that aren’t working.

If it’s your laptop headphone jack this will be a good alternative…


James asks…

Can I fix my Turtle Beaches if my cable broke?

My cables were attached to my xbox cables and a ball hit my x11 turtle beaches and the metal piece that connects to the tv snapped off completely i was wondering if I could replace the metal piece that goes into the tv for audio.

Administrator answers:

Yes, you can, but you’ll need some soldering and electrical experience. You should be able to get the parts at a store like RadioShack. You should also be able to get an electronics repair shop to fix it cheaply.

Mary asks…

How many gallons in my pond?

I have a pond w/ waterfall in my backyard, it came w/ the house. It’s about 5.5′x11‘ and 20″ deep. How many gallons will it hold?
I want to make it a Koi pond and need the proper sized bio filter. Any other ideas for a Koi pond??? thanks Yahoo kin.

Administrator answers:

As for ideas, you could always make a moat, everybody loves moats.. Either a partial or full moat around 1 foot wide and deep so you can still step over it, with a bridge for the front and back doors. If you make long passageways very deep compared to it’s surface area then the fish won’t get enough oxygen and they might not want to go there. Plants are good for oxygenating the water.

As for the driveway? Better keep it closed, the oils and antifreeze and crap can’t be good for the fish, make a few inch high berm around the driveway so that the car oils and crap can’t runnoff into the ponds when it rains. Maybe you can install a pipe under the driveway. Make sure it’s deep enough so the ground and pipe under it can take the weight of the car as it drives over.

Don’t fill it with tap water, chlorine is bad for fish, at least tap water has to stand for 24 hours before fish go in.

So try to make the ponds rain-sufficient. If the area isn’t very wet then shallow areas might dry out in the summer, the deeper and the larger the ponds the the more of a reservoir is available if it doesn’t rain for a while.

A many-lobed shape like the Central Park one at 59 St looks really nice.

Or you could have several connected ponds, one above the waterfall if possible?

Michael asks…

Can u setup two turtle beach headsets on the same tv?

i have an X11 headset my brother has an XLC we were wondering if we can setup both of them on the same tv at the same time.

Administrator answers:

With those two models you can’t set two on the same T.V because they come with different component cables, if it was for example the X31 model then yes you can (if you hd two sets that is) but the sound quality would be terrible.

Susan asks…

Is ati mobility radeon 5450 graphics card good for gaming?

I am confused between ati 550v and ati 5450 coz 550v has masive 320 pipelines which gives better gaming performance but support only direct x10.1 while 5450 has low 80 pipelines but support latest direct x11 and has high gpu clock speed than 550v.which one is better for gaming?

Administrator answers:

The 550v is significantly better for gaming. The 5450 is crap, the stripped down mobility version; even more so. The 5450 is not a gaming video card, it’s barely faster than integrated video and is actually slower than the on-CPU Sandy Bridge integrated video in some instances.

William asks…

What are some cute hairstyles I could do during the school year?

I’m preppy. I have short layers as well as medium layers. Flat iron, curling iron, crimper, mousse, hairspray, headbands, clips, bobby pins, hair ties.

Any ideas?

Thanks in Advance,


Administrator answers:

If your looking for a cute everyday hairstyle to try out these tutorials. They are awesome. ;D


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