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Your Questions About X11

July 21, 2013

Richard asks…

I am looking into buying the Turtle Beach X11 for my xbox but i have some questions?

first of all i have an older tv i hate led and hd tvs so its a tube tv but my question is my magnavox only has 2 aux spots yellow and white how am i suppose to hook up the x11 i want to be able to hear out of both headphones not just one

Administrator answers:

Those are inputs on the TV, not outputs, so they do not matter regarding sound flowing to the headset. From your Xbox, connect the red/white cables to the red/white cables on the Turtle Beach X11. You now have stereo sound. Now you can just hook the white from the Turtle Beach to the white on the television. You are now getting the same Mono sound on the television, and stereo sound on the Turtle Beach headset.

Nancy asks…

Should I get the ear force delta or x12s?

I have x11‘s and they are kinda old.

Administrator answers:

Wow, that’s a huge price range. The Delta is $300 and the X12 is $60. If you can afford the Delta, I say go for it. That’s the best XBOX headset on the market. If you can’t afford it, the X12 sounds great, just doesn’t have all the features of Delta.

William asks…

Can you use the Turtle Beach XLC on the Ps3 aswell?

Im getting the XLC’s and I would like to know if they work for the ps3 aswell, I play Socom Confrontation and it would nice if it would be able to work with my ps3 too. I know for a fact the Turtle beach x11‘s work on ps3 too

Administrator answers:

The audio works fine, yes.

For the mic though, you could use the XLC on a PS3 but you need a 2.5mm-to-3.5mm adapter and a USB sound card. You also need a USB sound card to make the X11 mic work on a PS3.

The X11 is a much better headset btw. Remember that with the XLC, you really have to connect it to a headphone jack on your TV. If you don’t have a headphone jack, get the X11 or PX21.

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