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July 15, 2012

James asks…

Is there a way to make game sound come out of both headset earphones on my Turtle Beach X11′s?

I wanted to listen to music with them but i noticed that in-game chat comes out of one earphone and game sound/music comes out of the other. Can i make it so just game sound/music comes out of both earphones?

Administrator answers:

Sorry, misread the question. I dont know what youre talking about, as my headset plays everything through both speakers. Maybe theyre broken?

If youre out of warranty, try calling turtle beach and telling them that you bought these faulty headphones at a flee market. You go home to try them , but theyre broken. You then return to the market for a refund and the vendor had left.

Hope this helped!

Linda asks…

How to get earforce x11 to work with lg 42ld450?

I bought the Earforce x11 headset to xbox 360 today, but i cant get it to work, I use an HDMI cable for the xbox and i have tried all the ports for both HDMI and sound (red and white) Also, the headset got power.( Green Light ). got no sound at all through the headset .


Administrator answers:

The X11 has to be connected to the stereo RCA jacks from the XBOX. If you don’t have these, then check if your TV has RCA audio output jacks. If so, you can connect the X11 to those jacks instead.

Lizzie asks…

Does the Turtle Beach X11 Headset work on Windows 7?

I’ve recently decided to purchase an X11 Turtle Beach Headset, and I was wondering whether they functioned correctly on Windows 7, as in product description only XBOX and PC were specified.

Thanks in advance.
It would also be important to note that I run 64 bit windows 7.

Administrator answers:

No reason why it shouldn’t. There are no drivers to install so there should be no compatibility issues.

Carol asks…

How do you add music to Xksstel X11?

I have tried to add music with the USB but it only saves the music as files and the songs do not play. Can anyone help?

Administrator answers:

How do you get the songs into the phone? Did you save it on the phone itself (although the phone has very little memory) or a memory card? I drag the music files from the music folder on my computer to the F drive. To play music you have to place them in the audio player. In any case you have to be more specific.

Donna asks…

my friends can hear the gun shots from the game im playing through my turtle beach x11′s?

I play with some friends on xbox live, and i just got some turtle beach x11‘s. i have loved them up until now, my friends complain about hearing the game volume through the mic. what do I do?
The turtle beach has headphones, which the tv volume comes out of.. just in case someone wanetd to know.

Administrator answers:

The sensitive microphone of the beaches are picking up the TV sound. Just like when using the Kinect Mic. That is very annoying. Either you can sit farther from the tv or just turn it down a smidge,

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