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Your Questions About X11 Mac

October 6, 2012

Maria asks…

Is there a site I can go to to download X11 for my mac osx??

I’m away at my grandma’s and my cd is all the way back at my house. Which is 5 states away. lol
Please help me…
i have a mac osx 10.4

Administrator answers:


Helen asks…

How would I install x11 onto my new imac? Please help. :) ?

I heard that x11 would be on one of the discs that came with my mac. Question is, which one? Disc one or disc 2? Also, once I pop it in what do I do?
i don’t want to install i Life all over again by mistake and waste space on my comp. Can you please explain to me step by step. Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

Check in your other question for my answer.

Donna asks…

X11 and Snow Leopard?

I downloaded X11 for a program a while back when I had regular leopard, but now I have snow leopard, do I need it anymore? I’ve hear people say that if you upgraded you should remove it. But is it important for my Mac to have? What will happen if I do? Should I keep it then?

Administrator answers:

Snow Leopard comes with X11 built in. Just keep it, it barely takes up any room and some program that you download in the future may need it.

Deleting the icon does nothing, X11 is a window server and is (mainly) installed in /usr/X11

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