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Your Questions About X11 Mac

January 26, 2013

Ruth asks…

How do I edit a pic on my macbook pro?

I want to make my son’s birthday invitation. I saw an invitation online and I found the same background. But how can I edit the pic myself so it can look like the invitation. Please help me I would like to save money for my son”s birthday!

Administrator answers:

You found an invitation design,
and the pattern for that design, you would like to apply to your own design on a program on Mac,
you could try Inkscape as layout editor for design
or place design in Scribus page, and add text,
if you need to edit pattern itself try seashore or Gimp,

editors for mac

Seashore – mac


CinePaint (may require X11 if not installed)

Inkscape illustrator (vector)

Scribus, Desktop Publishing

NeoOffice Home


Sandra asks…

How long would it take me to get used to a macbook operating system ?

I’ve been a pc guy all my life and whenever i see a macbook in the stores im like ” woah this stuff is confusing ”.
I’m preety good with computers, how long will it take me ?
If you were in the same position, how long did it take you ?

Administrator answers:

Pretty quick.

After a bit I installed X11 and some Unix/Linux stuff.

Not long.

Mac has stupid goofy stuff too, so make sure to dual-boot.

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