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Your Questions About X11 Mac

February 3, 2013

Charles asks…

Can i run GNOME or KDE through the Terminal in Mac OS X?

Terminal lets you access FreeBSD UNIX and GNOME and UNIX are GUI’s for UNIX. Would it work?

Administrator answers:

Yes and no. You cannot use mac’s built in aqua interface with gnome, you must use the X-window server – just like in any linux OS. Luckily, apple provides the X- window system with every mac os. It is called X11 and it is located in your Applications -> Utilities folder. If it is not there, you need to install it from the “Extras” folder on your mac os install disk.

To get gnome or kde working in mac’s x11 you need to install mac ports (its free) This program is a marriage of linux and mac by providing all the opensource programs for linux on mac.

But to actually build gnome for mac you MUST install x-code.Xcode is on the Mac osx install cd under “Extras” This will install gcc and other programs needed to compile gnome for your system

Once you install ports, X11 and Xcode, Ports will create a folder on you harddrive called opt. From there go to /opt/local/bin/port Run the port program as the sudo user in mac’s or X-11′s terminal. Then type “install gnome” and it will compile and install gnome on your system. A gnome-desktop executable should be created in the same folder as the port executable (/opt/local/bin/). You must run the gnome executable as the sudo user in the X-11 window environment, not mac’s terminal and gnome will start.

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