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February 17, 2013

Donna asks…

InDesign – how to print multiple pages into one larger page?

I need to make some name tags (3″x2″) with graphics on the corners. I was thinking of creating a master template sized 3″x2″ and making pages for the different names. My question is, is it possible to combine and print these pages on a single 8.5″x11” sheet? I will need to have bleed and crop marks for each individual name tag for easier trimming. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

You should be able to fit 10 to a page, create a document to the size of 2 x 3″ + gutter wide and 5 x 2″ + 4 gutters deep, allow 1/2″ bleed.

Go to the master page and draw a vertical line at 3″ across, extend off page into the bleed area top and bottom.

Draw another line at 3″ across, twice the width of the first line and extend off page slightly, change colour of this line to white so it is not visible on the printable part of your document.

Group these two lines and duplicate across to the point where your next card will start.

Repeat this process with horizontal lines starting at 2″ down the page.

Place your graphic on first card and step and repeat for the others.

You can add the text boxes on the master page too, but it does mean you will need to Shift Command click (mac) or Shift Control click (pc) on each on of them on the document page to unlock them for use. Alternatively draw guides so you can place them consistently in the document and add them separately on each document page – depends how many you have to create as to which is the easier way to go for this.

Then add as many pages as needed – Layout>Pages>Insert Pages and create your name cards.

Add crop marks from the Print dialog and select Use Document Bleed Settings to allow for the printing of trim marks in the gutters outside of the document image area.

Linda asks…

what is the best online word processor for a mac?

preferably free to try and then buy for under $30, or just free. also downloadable.

Administrator answers:

Online means nothing is installed on your computer. Google docs fills that bill. This is free!

For an actual program , downloaded to your computer, NeoOffice. All the features of OpenOffice, with none of the lag of x11. This is free!

I’ve used them both!

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