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February 19, 2013

Sandy asks…

Could I run programs/games off of an external hard drive on a Macbook Pro?

I have an external with games and a whole lot of stuff on it and I’m currently using Windows XP but I’m gonna get a Macbook Pro soon. I was wondering whether I would be able to run my games and all that on a Macbook Pro.

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately it’s unlikely. Windows OS uses the file extension .exe, which is known as an executable file. On Mac, the file extension .app is used to launch applications. Both are designed differently and require different resources to run. There are a few options though:

See what games have a mac version and pick up a copy of them.

Install Windows via bootcamp. Doing so will allow you to run all .exe files properly and without issue. You will need to partition your hard drive, but you can change the amount of space set for each OS at any time in Disk Utility on Mac, and Control Panel on Windows. Just note that the current version of bootcamp only supports Windows 7, and does not support XP or Vista. So you will have to buy a copy of Windows 7, or Windows 8, when bootcamp is updated for Windows 8 support.


Another option is to install Wine. Wine basically reroutes the necessary resources that are required to run .exe so that it can run it. It does this by installing a Windows like mainframe on your mac, and uses programs Terminal, X11 and Xcode (mac development program) to run the program. It’s a open source program, but it does require a bit of technical knowledge as it has a semi lengthy process. You will also need to learn Terminal commands, but for some things it’s worth it imo. Just note that not everything is compatible with Wine. There’s a database of Windows programs that are listed to work and not work on Wine for both Mac and Linux based OS, so make sure to check if your game works fine on Wine. The ranking system is set as followed:


Platinum means the game or program works near flawlessly or flawlessly; gold means the program works, but with very few issues; silver means the program works with some issues; bronze means the program works, but with many issues; and garbage means that the program does not run on Wine. Listed below are reference links for Wine, and also a very good guide to installing it on your mac. Thanks to this guide, i got into learning Applescript to automate some processes on my Mac.


I hope this answers your question,

Mandy asks…

How come my Open Office on my Mac has frozen?

Everything else seems to work fine but my Open Office word processor has been frozen for the last 10 minutes. Anyone have any advice..

Administrator answers:

Have you installed X11? Install it from your Mac OS X DvD’s Optional Downloads section.

Or, you can get NeoOffice, an easier to use, and setup version of Open Office just for mac.

David asks…

Whats the best word processor for mac OS X?

I was just wandering what the best thing to use like microsoft word, but i dont want to use microsoft word. But what would be the best and closest alternative for Mac OS X?
I would love for it to be free!!!

Administrator answers:

Neooffice! Free and compatible with Word, and it doesn’t need X11!

Sandra asks…

What other program can I use to open GIMP?

What other program can I use to open GIMP? And how do I get to the program?
Every time I try to open GIMP, I get a pop-up thing that says I have to find the appropriate program to open i with and I don’t know which to choose.

Administrator answers:

Gimp ~require” gtk” before installing

GIMP+GTK installers for Windows ~mac require


GIMP Portable


Lizzie asks…

What is the best gaming headset for under 80 bucks?

i want good speakers
!!!! best mic possible!!!! this is the most important thing!!!!!!
dont care about comfort

right now i have the razer Carcharias but it seems like the mic quality is lacking.i tried turtle beach but the mic monitoring feature sucks for using on computer cause it picks up the sound
what dont you people get when i said NO TURTLE BEACH!!

Administrator answers:

The best is the turtle beach px21 headset. A cheaper version is the x11 headset. Both are so good that you can hear footsteps in the games. Its amazing. The px21 works on pc,mac,xbox,and ps3

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