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Your Questions About X11 Mac

February 23, 2013

Lisa asks…

Do i have to listen to the game while using a gaming headset?

i wanted to get the Sharkoon X-Tatic SX Stereo Gaming Headset until i found i couldn’t use my HDMI cable with it. I just want a long lasting headset that lets me talk to my friends over xbox live recommendations under 50$ would be helpful.

Administrator answers:

OK if you want a recommendation for a great headset and cheap i’d buy the turtle beach xlc but i dont know if it very long lasting but cheap with $30 but if you want long lasting head set i’d go with the x11′s they are my personal best and just $10 over your price rang ($60). The x11′ are very good in song quality and they feel good because they fit around the ears and gor all the head sets with amplified stereo you need an adopter that you can find here:

and the turtle beach here:

but you should search in amazon it much cheaper here is the link for the x11 in amazon:

and the xlc is the same price so yea hope this helped

David asks…

QQ Voice Chat… what program do I need on my Mac to make it work?

I’ve got several Chinese friends who use QQ. I’d like to use the Voice Chat that normally works quite well with PCs. I have a Mac. What program can I run which would allow me to use QQ’s Voice Chat to talk and see my Chinese friends when I chat with them?

Administrator answers:

If you want something free to run windows programs, you can try this, but your level of success with it may vary because it is free and does not use windows.

Download and install Wine (Darwine) here
It recreates the windows API on mac, making it possible to run windows programs on mac without windows. It is free, easy to install and use.

Download and install that package. Depending on what Mac OS you have, you may need to install X11. Have a look in your Applications -> Utilities folder. If there is not a program called X11 in there, then stick your mac osx install cd in your computer, click the “Extras” folder, double click the applications package and install X11.

Form there, the Wine application you downloaded and installed will run the windows program and display it in X11.

Susan asks…

I need to make a powerpoint presentation on my pc for someone to view on their mac; how do I do this?

Will a mac be able to view my powerpoint file if I save it in *.pps format?

Administrator answers:

Relatively modern Macs (2001-date) running Mac OS X can open Powerpoint files (.ppt) through:

* Apple’s Keynote application (commercial program, part of the Apple iWork package)

* OpenOffice Impress (free, requires X11) or

* Microsoft’s own Powerpoint (part of Microsoft Office for the Macintosh).

Powerpoint for the Mac and OpenOffice Impress can open Powerpoint Show files (.pps) without any modifications. Keynote may open some .pps files after you rename them to .ppt.

Any program other than Powerpoint may not parse/process all the information in the presentation (e.g. Some effects, transitions etc.) as they may not be supported. Powerpoint is the only program that can save .pps files on the Macintosh.

Another course of action would be to choose an open standard for your slides, such as Adobe PDF. You would have to sacrifice effects/transitions for this.

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