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Your Questions About X11 Mac

March 18, 2013

Sharon asks…

Why aren’t my headphone working on my hackintosh?

I have a hackintosh. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a PC made for windows that has Mac OSX Lion on it. So it has been working fine up to one point: whenever I plug in my headphones (which I have tested and work on both PC and Mac) the hackintosh doesn’t detect it. All of the sound will stop playing through the computer speakers, but it won’t play through the headphones. I went into System Preferences, and it doesn’t detect the headphones presence either. Can anyone help me? Is there a Terminal or X11 code I could input to fix this? If so that would be peachy keen. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Apple only provides drivers for the hardware that they use. If your sound card is not one of their supported models, it won’t work. There’s no magic command you can input into bash to create drivers.

Sandra asks…

How do I write in photos/images on an IMAC? I just got it and have no idea how and I don’t have paint.?

I just got an IMAC and I was wondering how I write on my images/photos. I thought about getting photoshop, but you have to pay for that. Does anyone know of a solution?

Administrator answers:


there are other available tools like gimp for mac,
Paintbrush – 0.6


Poster paint only,


X11 for gimp,


Thomas asks…

What is the best writing program for OSX 10.3?

I am looking into doing a little writing while one an extended vacation and would like to know if there is a good program out there for writers(and by writing I mean fiction writing). The program needs to be able to run on OSX Panther (10.3). Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

OpenOffice Writer is the best writing program for Mac OS X 10.3.

You can only use up to version 1.1.2 of OpenOffice on Mac OS X 10.3 but as long as it does what you want it to do, it doesn’t matter what version.

You can download it here:

Sandy asks…

Can you whiten teeth in photos on a mac?

Dont suggest GIMP because its not working :/
I want a FREE program and my GIMP just wont open

Administrator answers:

You can try other editors, and paint or use dodge/burn tools to brighten areas,

if gimp is not working, check that X11 is installed before Gimp,
Apple – X11 for Mac OS X


Seashore – mac

ChocoFlop Photo Editing Mac

RhapSoft – LiveQuartz

ArtRage ~mac

Picasa for Mac:

Paintbrush: Mac OS X


Pixelmator ~trial

Color It! ~trial


David asks…

How do I get xcode with Mac osx version 10.4?

Ok so I would like to download xcode but I do not have osx 10.5. Is there a way I can get the older version of xcode (version 2.1 instead of 3)? On the apple website I only see the latest version.

Please help, don’t have the money to get leopard right now.

Administrator answers:

Links below to download and update X11.
These will work fine.

Mandy asks…

is there free word processor for my macbook?

i have downloaded the open office, ironically enough the program will not open. the message said that b/c i didnt not have x11 it could not open. then i downloaded x11 from and it would not install b/c i have a newer version of software. is there a cheap word processor i could buy other than apple works say less then $50? or a way to get the open office?

Administrator answers:

Hi, don’t worry the open office is still not completely ready for the new Mac OSX. Here why don’t u get NeoOffice, its free and only for Mac. Get it here: Its just like Microsoft Office.


Its is designed for Mac OSX.
If you want a list of other Office applications free and paid ones why don’t u visit:

I still say Neooffice is best for u as its designed on openoffice and its just for Mac.
If u have any questions contact me.
Good Luck!

Maria asks…

Where can i download pokesave for mac?

Im looking for either something to let me download pokesave or pokegen or a mac version.Tried Transmission crossover and winebottler but none work.Plz help

Administrator answers:

Pokesav has finally been ported to Mac OS X.

Download Pokesav (for Platinum and for Heartgold/Soulsilver) for Mac here:

System Requirements:
*A mac with an Intel processor
*Mac OS X 10.4 or later
*WINE/Winebottler (both are included and can be downloaded here:
*X11 (comes installed with all Macs w/ OS X 10.5 or later. If you have 10.4 and dont have X11, you can download it here:

NOTE: Pokesav for mac needs WINE and X11 to run properly. Pokesav and WINE will NOT run on PowerPC macs. If you have a PowerPC mac, just use a low-cost Windows computer or borrow a Windows PC or a Mac from someone else.

Susan asks…

How do I add new texts to GIMP on a mac?

I’m stumped.on windows I can do it in seconds, but on ma its acting weird. I can’t click on the text file in the program (I don’t know how else to explain it), Can somebody help me? I just want my amsterdam graffiti text xD. PLEASE HELP

Administrator answers:

Sounds like you installed GIMP without X11.

You need X11 to run GIMP on a mac. Read the instructions on how to install GIMP on a Mac here:

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