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Your Questions About X11 Mac

April 22, 2013

William asks…

Is there a gaming headset that works for xbox 360 and PS3?

i play alot of Call of duty i need a gaming headset but i play alot of PS3 and xbox 360, i need a good brand that is under $100 that still works good with both

Administrator answers:

I have a Turtle Beach X11, and it was like $60. Great quality, comfy, and it works for PS3, 360, and PC. :P

It’s on sale on Amazon right now, $50 and free shipping:

If that’s too much, any regular headset with a phone jack will work – even a bluetooth.

James asks…

Where Can I get detailed help For the following applications?

Apple Script
Apple Automator
Quartz composer
Interface builder

Administrator answers:

Sounds like you need to join Apple mac user group or a Linux. User group..

Apple mac is a form of Linux programming language.
X11…… Video/Server
Xcode… Language
Terminal.. Entering commands in a dos window
Quartz…. Composer another Language
all part of programming of the Mac

Do a web search for

apple mac+user groups

George asks…

Whats a free mac program thats you can make photos black and white with one object being colored like photosho

heres a picture
of what I want to do
click on the link

Administrator answers:

Your Mac Came with a program called Core Image Fun house, however the program was not preinslalled on your hard drive, rather it is a developer application on your Mac OS X install disk 1. Pop the disk in and look for a file called optional installs.mpkg You should be able to install the applications, along with a whole host of others you may also want to install. After installing core image fun house you will be able to find it in the directory Macintosh HD>Developer>Applications>Graphics Tools. Experiment with that application for a bit, you should beable to do what you want. There is also a very good open source (free) program that is like photoshop called GIMP. It’s available on all Operating Systems, if you want to run it on the mac you need to install something called the x11 window system that you can install from the Mac OS X install disk or download from apple.

Chris asks…

Gimp won’t open on my mac how do i fix it?

I just downloaded gimp last night and it won’t open up on my mac how can i fix it?

Administrator answers:

It wasn’t obvious to me, that I had to move it from the dmg to the Application folder. Did you run the FULL install?

Also, did you find Gimp 2.4.5?

Also, when you try to start it, do you see the X11 item on your dock? Click that little booger and maybe the Gimp toolbar will show up. Check out the menu up top. Maybe it says, X11, and you need, just, to open a pic file to get things going.

Else, check the FAQ online at Gimp.

Hope one of these things helps…

Betty asks…

Design software + drawing tablet for clothing and logo design?

I have a macbook pro and I’m looking for some software that will let met draw and create logo and clothing designs. I also want to get a drawing tablet thats compatible with the software and my macbook.

Thanks :)

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately, fashion design ware does not appear to have made Mac versions, they mainly want users to run through Apple Boot Camp or others, since Apple switched to Unix base OS with OS X/10 , some programmers don’t realize that they can convert PC windows tools to unix/mac more readily, it does use more memory, but there is more compatibility since the 90′s,

you can look at programs, then look at actual Illustration tools like Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw,

Lectra CAD software


C-Design Fashion Software

Digital Fashion Pro


with that using virtual Desktop Pc ware,
Apple Bootcamp

Windows Virtual PC


Wine HQ / Mac port + X11


Mark asks…

How do I open a PC word document on a MAC?

Administrator answers:

Get NeoOffice, it is the free version of MS Office for Mac

You can also try OpenOffice, but it uses the X11 windows system and not the Native OS X Aqua GUI

Try NeoOffice first, then OpenOffice if that fails.

Donna asks…

Why wont this install onto my computer?

Apple’s x11 wont install onto my mac os x 10.4 .11 which is tiger. PLZZZZZZZ HELP

Administrator answers:

You need to install it on the inital instalation of OSX

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