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Your Questions About X11 Mac

April 30, 2013

Laura asks…

Is there an mspaint like program for the MAC?

if there is…is it pre-installed on OSX?

Administrator answers:

it is a free program that works like Photoshop,
they used to include Apple works that contained a nice drawing program, but I dont think they do it anymore, just get Gimp, bear in mind it has to use the X11 enviroment but it is ok.

John asks…

why is wine emulator for unix not loading my game?

I am on a mac os x version 10.6.8 and i have a legit shogun total war 2 torrent that i packed with wine. I dont know if i installed wine right or if i installed the game using wine right but the game went from being an amber “.exe” file to having an asian helmet as the icon(symbolizing it was at least unpacked right) but when i click the game it half way loads, pauses and then waits for X11(actually Xquartz) to load, once Xquartz opens the game closes down and the icon on the bottom of my mac disappears and everything stops doing what its supposed to. can someone please do some customer service stye help, outline how to fix the problem, or point me to someone who can go over step by step till i can get this game to work.
lol ben thanks for the help, by legit i ment skidrow copy x)

Administrator answers:

If you want some actual help with Wine, I suggest buying Crossover, which is a commercial product built on top of Wine.

As for why it’s not working, Wine is a reimplementation of Windows. Windows is a rather large series of programs. So Wine doesn’t implement it entirely correctly. There are a lot of programs that won’t work properly in Wine. This is especially true on Mac OS X since most of the Wine development happens on Linux and there are some differences between the platforms.

Also “legit shogun total war 2 torrent” is a contradiction- I’m pretty sure EA didn’t release a torrent of the game which means it isn’t actually legitimate.

Robert asks…

How would i download Gimp for iMac OSX?

Hi. I just finished installing x11 for my imac and i’m interested in downloading gimp.
I went to, but I can’t find the actual ‘download’ link. And the installation of the program itself seems very complicated.
Can someone please help, maybewalk me through this?
Thanks a bunch in advance. :-) -

I’ve been there, but where do I click exactly?

Everything is so confusing.

Administrator answers:

You can install Gimp either by getting Gimp app (that is the source code) and compile it on Mac or by using a package managemer for it. They provide two: Fink and DarwinPorts.
The third choice would be ordering a CD with everything comipled on it (MacGimp project).
Maybee they will make an installer for it on Mac, but from what I see here it isn’t available yet so these would be your only options.

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