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May 18, 2013

Helen asks…

Problem downloading Gimp on Mac?

I own a Mac OSX 10.5.8 and I recently tried to download Gimp for this version. The problem was that it only downloaded about half of the way and then stopped and said that the mounting failed. Is there a problem with my computer or did I download the wrong version?

Administrator answers:

First, try this link to download GIMP for 10.5.8: Also, if it didn’t download fully, then the disk image would be corrupted. Also, you need the X11 environment for Mac to run GIMP.

Sharon asks…

Run windows software on a mac?

I want to run windows software on a mac without installing windows on a pertition. I want a software that runs within os x and can install windows exe files. And dont tell me crossover mac. I tried it, its not good. Remember i dont want software like boot camp or software that lets me install windows
I do not know how to compile wine to run on mac. Its to confusing but i have X11

Administrator answers:

Try using WINE. You will need X11 to run it though.

After more info was provided:
Compiling a program on a *nix environment is not that hard. Usually it involves three commands:

make install

Here is the basic idea:
You will first of all need a compiler. My suggestion, try the GNU Compiler Collection (gcc), to test if you have gcc on your system, open up a terminal and type


if you get a funny looking output (gcc: no input files, or something of the sort) then you already have gcc on your system and you are good to go. If not, then you need to get gcc for OS X. Check sources for link.
After you get gcc, go into the directory the source of wine is at and type the first command:


Wait for all output to go thru, and see if it creates any makefiles. If it gives you an error at some point, then you are missing a build dependency (this is usually the most painful part). These are libraries of code needed to compile WINE (usually header files and the such). The one that worries me about the most would be the X11 header files, but those should be provided to you by Apple at some place (most likely on the dev-tools or with X11). If the configure script ran properly, then type


and begin praying. This will begin compiling the software. A whole buch of stuff will go thru, perhaps a few warnings. If make finishes the job, then congratulations, if not, then we have a big problem (one I don’t know how to fix), compiling failed because of some issue. If this were the case, then you would need to contact the kind people at winehq for support.

If it compiled properly, then just install with

make install

You will need to have root access to do that. Afterwards, just finish configuring WINE (set up paths and stuff) and then you are ready to run your exe file with the command:

wine YourProgram.exe

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