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June 12, 2013

Lizzie asks…

Mac OS X Snow Leopard?

I am wondering if I should buy Snow Leopard (the most recent Mac operating system), and it happens to be $30. I never thought of purchasing it before, but I am now considering it because of the new Mac App Store. I have a $30 Apple gift card, so buying it would not be a big deal.

But here is my problem: is $30 worth Snow Leopard, even though Mac OS X Lion is only coming out the summer of this year?

Let me know, thanks!

Administrator answers:

First: Be sure you have an Intel Mac. Snow Leopard won’t work on G3/G4/G5 type Macs.

Second: Yes. $30 is nothing, considering that the previous OS was $130. You also won’t want to buy Lion immediately. Lots of stuff typically doesn’t work right away with new OS X versions. For example: I bought Leopard on the very day it came out. It had major issues running GIMP, X11 Applications, Neo Office, and several other programs. So wait 2-4 months AFTER Lion comes out before you buy it.

Maria asks…

What’s X11 on an iMac?

I just got an iMac, and I downloaded GIMP on it. When I opened it GIMP on the top left corner of the screen it said X11. Is this anything bad? Or is it completely normal. Please Reply!! :D

Administrator answers:

When running GIMP on a Mac, it’s completely normal. X11 is needed to run GIMP because GIMP is actual a Linux program.

Charles asks…

Application to run Windows files on Mac (.exe and others)?

Okay ive been surfing the wep hard and found many different apps to do this, but like 95% of them need to have a special part of the mac where windows xp is installed like apple boot camp, and then i finally did find one called crossover, but i have the WRONG type of mac to do it, which really sux cause i was excited to finally find one, so am i missing an application that works is there some way to run those type of files, i really need this for my comp but i havent successfully found anything can someone please help me,
ok so heres my problem any solutions are accepted
but dont post just to say no theres not anything else just so u can get 2 points
.rar is the other one, .rar and .exe
ive tried WINE it doesnt work, i just tried virtualbox and it can only be used on intel based macs, mines a power pc, and im trying parrarels right now
same problem with parrallels as with virtual box but i have a question about WINE i couldnt use it before because i couldnt figure out one thing whenever i tried to open something it said make sure x11 is installed, can anybody help with what that means

Administrator answers:

If you have the original Install Disks, you can install X11 from it.
Insert disk and double click on it’s icon to open it.
Scroll down the window until you see Optional Install package.
Double click on it to choose X11 for installation.
There is an X11 download in Apple’s site somewhere, maybe Support Downloads, but I don’t know if it’ll work with WINE, it doesn’t with Mac OS X 10.4.

Ken asks…

questions concerning mac computers?

Yesterday i bought a Mac notebook. I found out that there weren’t any writing program in the computer. Programs such as Microsoft Word…etc..In Mac computer what type of program do they use for writing and preparing reports???

Administrator answers:

Http:// has a free office compatible suite of programs.

You don’t need office, and you don’t need openOffice’s X11 unix port.

George asks…

Open office or neo office for mac?

which one should i get for my mac
neo office or open office??

Administrator answers:

For now use NeoOffice. (they’re really the same thing, except NeoOffice doesn’t need x11)

Sun and are working on a port of OpenOffice that doesn’t need X11, it should be available in the near future.
See here:

Donald asks…

Mac Freeware Software?

Is there any mac freeware software which has the feature of taking tons of images and making one picture with it?

Administrator answers:

Http:// try using gimp for mac (very similar to adobe photoshop,) it’s now a universal program so can run on power and intel macs. You will need to install the X11 environment, (availiable on your mac installation disk or on the apple website.)

Laura asks…

Use the Turtle Beach X1 on a mac?

Can you use the Turtle Beach Ear Force X1 on a macbook? If so how?

Administrator answers:

To connect the Turtle Beach X1 to a PC, you just need to connect the USB power, and the two 3.5mm cables (green-audio pink-mic). As long as you have the ability to plug these three required items into your mac, you should have no problem. Also check out that the X11 is about to start shipping:

James asks…

GIMP Closes When I Try to Copy?

When I try to copy an image it says there is a problem and closes, but tells me it’ll notify me if there is a solution to my problem (that was about an hour ago). Why is it doing that and can I fix this, if so how?

I just want to copy an image from one file and paste it into another, but I can’t even start the process without GIMP shutting down. Other than that it works just fine.

Administrator answers:

Because the program starts ok, and crashes when copying, may do with ram use, or type of copying and size of file, and free space, possibly with gtk for windows, or x11 for mac, be corrupt,
could try reinstall, but check if program run well otherwise, try duplicating layer, or if file is jpg, save as xcf, then copy,


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