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Your Questions About X11 Mac

June 23, 2013

Donna asks…

Can someone help me install Gimp?

I’m having issues installing and using Gimp on my MacBook. I can download it, but I can’t get t to work! Please if you can help :]

I have a Mac 10x something…

Administrator answers:

You need to make sure you have X11 installed if you have a version earlier than Leopard or Snow Leopard. (10.5 or 10.6) You can install it from the DVD, or from one of the packages offered by third parties. You also have to download the right version of GIMP for your OS version, so you need to know what it is.

This site has them all:

Mandy asks…

for xbox 360 should i get the turtle beach x11 or px21?

Administrator answers:

Turtle beach headset
This one is the best turtle beach headset. I like this headset very very much…
Ear Force X11 Amplified Stereo Headset with Chat

Product Features
- Large acoustically-tuned ear cups with 40mm drivers produce superior audio with deep bass for all types of games digital music and entertainment DC-coupled amplifiers provide super-wide bandwidth down to 0Hz while eliminating the distortion
- Integrated bass-boost makes explosions gun shots and other deep-bass effects more dramatic by increasing the impact of low frequency sound cues with Independent volume controls for game and voice signals to balance XBOX Live chat and stereo game sound
- A microphone monitor keeps gamers from raising their voices louder than necessary and avoids the “clogged ear” feeling that results when you can’t hear yourself speak and accurately reproduces the gamer’s voice while keeping out ambient noise
- Connects to TV or sound systems with XBOX stereo audio plugs to easily choose between speakers or headset with 16 foot cable Works with composite HDMI and VGA video connections


Ruth asks…

X11 for Open Office?

I’ve installed Open Office and couldn’t open it. It said we need X11? Does that refer to a newer version of Apple or another application? At the website, it said it’s listed under Utilities in Applications, but it’s not there. Do you have to buy it or install it for free? This is for Panther for OS X.4. Do you know how much?

Administrator answers:

Oh no! X11 is for bad ports of unix programs.

Open Office has a great port that runs like normal mac programs!


it’s a great version of a great FREE program!

Sandy asks…

cant install Mac OS on Virtual Machine?

Cant install Mac Image on Virtual Machine like VMware and Virtualbox..:(( plzzzz help me …

i cant boot frm DVD as well as x86.iso [image file]..

plzzzzzzzzzzz help me out plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Administrator answers:

This is the software used to run Mac OS. You cannot run Mac in Sun VirtualBox.


PearPC is an architecture-independent PowerPC platform emulator capable of running most PowerPC operating systems.

License: GPL
Programming language: C++, C and (on x86 platforms) assembler
Supported host platforms: POSIX-X11 (Linux, …), Win32
The following operating systems were tested and run (to some extent) in PearPC (ie. As clients):
Mandrake Linux 9.1 for PPC installer: Runs well
Mandrake Linux 9.1 for PPC after installation: Hard to boot. Runs very well afterwards.
Darwin for PPC: Runs well
Mac OS X 10.3: Runs well with some caveats
OpenBSD for PPC: Crashes while booting (accesses PCI in an unsupported way)
NetBSD for PPC: Crashes while booting
AIX for PPC: Some people ask about that. See FAQ.
PearPC emulates the following hardware:
CPU GENERIC: Sort of G4, including altivec. A more or less portable CPU. Using this CPU, the client will run about 500 times slower than the host. As of version 0.4 the generic CPU emulation runs well even on big-endian and 64 bit platforms.
CPU JITC-X86: Sort of G4, including altivec. A very fast CPU for x86 systems that translates PowerPC instructions into x86 instructions on-demand. By caching these translations, a lot of speed is gained. Using this CPU, the client will run about 15 times slower than the host. Only works on x86 hosts.
PCI-Brige: A barebone PCI-Bridge, enough to work with.
IDE-Controller: Sort of CMD646 with bus-mastering support. You can attach IDE-harddisk(s) and/or IDE-CDROM(s) by specifying files (or devices for UN*X) from your host machine.
PIC: A programmable interrupt controller (kind of Heathrow).
VIA-Cuda: With attached Mouse and Keyboard.
Network Controller: Emulates a 3COM 3C90x or RealTek 8139 via hosts that support an ethernet tunnel.
NVRAM: Capable of storing 8KiB non-volatile memory.
USB: A placebo USB-hub. Sufficient to make the client think that it has USB support.
PROM: Sort of OpenFirmware. It’s ugly and contains a lot of hacks but it allows to boot Yaboot and BootX from HFS/HFS+ partitions.
While the CPU emulation may be slow (1/500th or 1/15th, see above), the speed of emulated hardware is hardly impacted by the emulation; the emulated hard-drive and CDROM e.g. Are very fast, especially with OS that support bus-mastering (Linux, Darwin, Mac OS X do).

A lot of unimplementated features are fatal (i.e. Will abort PearPC).

Timings are very still a little bit inaccurate. Don’t rely on benchmarks made in the client.

PearPC lacks a save/restore machine-state feature.

No LBA48 (but LBA). Currently no support for hard disks greater than 128 GiB. Disks > 4GiB are not tested very well.
Fix remaining bugs.

Handle errors gracefully.

Improve JITC-X86, exploit the i386 MMU.

Soundcard emulation.



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