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Your Questions About X11 Mac

June 27, 2013

Donna asks…

Gimp or Photoshop Elements 6?

I am using an iMac with Leopard 10.5.5. Are there any problems with using Gimp or am I better off using Photoshop Elements 6? Is Gimp better with say Vista or a Mac?

Administrator answers:

There are over 200 choices here:

Most are free or shareware, take a look at LiveQuartz, Inkscape and ArtRage 2, for example.

TIP: The GIMP isn’t listed there because it doesn’t run natively on OS X (Intel), it needs X11 too.

Charles asks…

Mac OS 9, can I get GIMP?

Is there any way to download GIMP, or any other similar free program for Mac OS 9?

This is not my computer, so I can’t update it to OS X. I’m also not a regular Mac user, so I’m iffy on basic things.

Administrator answers:

The chances of finding(or even creating a version, not saying it isn’t possible though) a version of The GIMP that will work on Mac OS 9 are nil. This mainly is because The GIMP for mac relies on the X11 window protocol, which as far as I know wasn’t available on mac until OS X. You also probably won’t find anything as powerful(or less powerful) as The GIMP, that’s free, and can work on OS 9.

David asks…

how to create a program using c++ to get all keys type on the keyboard are stored in a file ?

Administrator answers:

It depends on the operating system.

If it’s Unix or Windows in terminal/DOS mode, chances are that you can’t get _all_ keys saved, such as meta keys (shift, ctrl, alt, windows key etc). However, this should work. In Windows, from the command shell:

copy CON file.txt

In Unix:

cat – > file.txt

If it’s in a windowing mode, then you can snoop for “key press” events, which will also capture meta keys. It’s WM_KEYPRESS in Windows, KeyPress in X11, and I’m not sure what it is on the Mac.

Sharon asks…

Photoshop windows Mac problem?

I’ve wanted Photoshop for a whip I asked my dad about getting it and he said we have a disk…… A windows disk. It’s an old one and I want to use it on my Mac not on the kitchen pc. Is there any way to get it for free on the Mac since I already have the disk

Administrator answers:

Nope. Adobe considers their Mac and Windows lines to be completely separate products.

Try Gimp. It’s fairly powerful and runs on OS X. Just make sure you have X11 installed – it’s on the OS disc.

Mandy asks…

Downloaded Gimp for my Mac OSX?

And everytime I open it it says “Where’s X11?” and prompts me to choose an application. What do I do?

Administrator answers:

Okay Mandy, Gimp is program that runs off X11 Windowing Environment. You can install X11 by popping in your Mac OS Reinstallation CD/DVD.

Browse the disc and click the Installation Package “Optional Installs”

Next, Click Continue on the first screen.

Read the Software License Agreement and then click Continue, click agree.

Click Macintosh HD or whatever your hard drive is named and click next.

Now, Click the small triangle directly next to Applications and then place a check in the box labeled X11. When you’re ready, click Upgrade.

Enter your password.

Install takes not very long at all.

Tada, go ahead and install GIMP.

Maria asks…

For those of you who’ve had experience with macs…?

Okay, I have finally been convinced to buy a mac from a store. Yes, it’s expensive, but I’ve heard way too many times that it is unbelievably good. So if you have any experience with a mac, please, answer the following questions. No bad remarks, please. Stories about your experiences with an Apple are always welcome. Thanks!

1) Is an iMac good enough for daily usage, like typing, homework, studying, internet, emails, downloading (like songs and games), listening to music, etc?

2) Should I get an iMac, a macbook, or a mac mini?

3) Can you play old games (like Medal of Honor) on the mac with good graphics, frames per second, and no freezing?

4) Is there much of a difference between a 1 gig RAM mac and a 2 gig RAM mac?

5) How fast and reliable is a mac on the internet? I mean, like, can you connect it to the internet and modem fast? Can you use the internet fast?

You do not have to answer everything, but just try to. Thank you so much!

Administrator answers:

1) All of the Macs work FANTASTIC for this. Their iWork Office suite is only $80, and it looks GREAT! It just lacks a few key features that Microsoft Office has, but if you’re only using it for homework, and not proffesional presentations, you’ll do great. You could also download a number of free office apps that may require X11 from your Mac install disc, such as Open Office.

2) The iMac gives you more bang for your buck, with higher quality internal parts.

3) You’ll want a new iMac for playing ANY games. The last generation Intel iMacs will work fine as well, if you want to save some cash. (Definately recommend buying new, though)

4) Mac OS X will run great with a low amount of RAM, but if you want to run high-end apps like games and photo/movie editors, you’ll want more, especially if you’re going to be dual-booting Windows XP or Vista.

5) Internet Connectivity generally has nothing to do with what computer you’re using. They do however have internal wireless cards running the new “N” wireless frequency, which isn’t in much use, but they can also use the older a/b/g networks until N receives more use (The Apple Airport Extreme Base Station broadcasts N, FYI) or you could use the wired ethernet ports.

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