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Your Questions About X11 Mac

July 3, 2013

Donald asks…

Why won’t GIMP start? It keeps giving me an Error report…?

I’ve had GIMP for a while and I also have the new one. Recently, I’ve been trying to open it, but it won’t start and just keeps giving me an error report. I tried to reinstall it, but it still doing the same thing. I also have downloaded brushes on it. Can someone please help me!!! I don’t know what to do??!?!?!

Administrator answers:

Its possible that the gtk files were lost or corrupted, for mac the x11 files, these are extensions to make Gimp work on system
the original site has gtk with installer, if you download from other site, error may occur,
also depends on what error is saying, and plugin or brushes or scripts added may not be compatible, check any added files that may not work and remove or disable,
other error may be not enough memory, if so you may have to turn off other programs while using gimp


GTK+ – Download for Windows (not needed if installed)

Apple – X11 for Mac OS X (not needed if installed)


Sandra asks…

how do I download apple X11?

I’m trying to download a photoshop. I installed something like a photoshop which is “Gimp”. It says I need apple x 11 for gimp now . I installed and downloaded apple X11, but my computer says “You cannot install X11 on this volume. A newer version of this software already exists on this volume” <. what do I do ? how can I instal apple X 11

Administrator answers:

You must already have X11 installed then, just continue installing GIMP and tell us if it works.

For a better answer tell us which version of Mac OS X you are using.

Good Luck and take care!

Michael asks…

How do I open InkScape?

Whenever I try to open it on my MacBook laptop I get a popup titled ‘xterm’ and under it says ‘bash-3.2$’. It says I have to code it but I don’t know any of the commands or how to do it. Can someone help?

Administrator answers:

Did you download the right one for your Mac?
“Mac OS X 10.6, Snow Leopard — Universal .dmg (requires Apple’s X11/Xquartz 2.3.4 or higher)”

Here’s some additional information.

Daniel asks…

Why do some programs in Mac OSX close for no reason? Example: The Gimp?

Administrator answers:

This could be an issue with X11, since you mentioned The Gimp (Gimp uses X11 for drawing the window containers as there is no Aqua native build of it at this time). You could also have corrupted files or sectors on your drive, or even a memory issue.

First I would try using the Disk Utility to repair permissions and verify your drive. If that doesn’t work, try using the Apple Hardware Test disk to test your system’s RAM, logic board and other hardware parts for problems.

If all that checks out, you may just have a bad or corrupt install of the program. Try moving the old one out of your Applications folder, downloading the newest version from the developer and running it.

If all else fails, and you have multiple programs giving you issues, it may be time to do an archive-and-install to reinstall the OS and keep your files. If even that doesn’t work, you may have to resort to visiting an Apple Genius at an Apple store.

Sandy asks…

Need some help with intro to unix?

1.What are the names of the two prominent versions of UNIX?
2.What are the two different ways in which a user can interact (interface/work) with UNIX?
3.What is a UNIX account?
4.What does it mean to “login” to UNIX? What steps do you usually follow for this procedure?
5.What has to be done to change the terminal emulation if it is not correct?

really need help! thanks!

Administrator answers:

1. Linux and MacOS. I mean, System V and BSD.
2. Hmm. Command line and GUI I guess.
3. A user ID. Same as on Windows since after W95. Used for logging in, process and file ownership.
4. Same as on Windows. If you have a command line interface on a graphics console, or serial line, or network connection it sits there saying “login: “, so you enter a user ID then it prompts for a password. If you get it right, you are logged in and any processes you start will belong to your user ID. There’s a login process than handles all that, deals with authentication, starts your favourite shell with your preferred environment etc.
Mostly nowadays you sit at a graphics console running X11 and a display manager like GDM, so you get a graphic login and then end up with a graphic interface rather like Windows or Mac – there are several window managers like KDE or Gnome.
Or you sit at another computer somewhere else and login with SSH. Then, since X11 is tunneled over SSH, you can start graphical programs like Firefox same as you would on Windows running remote desktop.
5. Stty, probably. Or in e.g. Gnome terminal, there’s a toolbar you can change the character set and some other characteristics. Stty was more for when there were real terminals like DEC VT100s and Sorocs with different escape sequences for moving the cursor etc.

Sharon asks…

Why won’t GIMP work on my macbook?

I have mac OSX version 10.4.11 (tiger…not leopard) I downloaded gimp for leopard accidentally and figured out it didn’t work so I found the right version….10.4.11 for my computer and it still doesn’t work? What am I doing wrong?

Administrator answers:

You got it from here?


“GIMP will only run on Mac OS X, not on version 9 or earlier of the Macintosh operating system. There are a number of reasons why it is unlikely that GIMP will ever run on older versions of Mac OS. In addition to Mac OS X, the following is a list of what you will need to run GIMP on your Macintosh:”

” * X Windowing Layer
GIMP uses a separate windowing layer, the X11 windowing protocol, on Mac OS X, which must be installed first. The XQuartz project provides this functionality. There you can download the most recent version of
* Graphics libraries and toolkits
Unlike most GNU/Linux distributions, Mac OS X does not come with the open source libraries upon which GIMP is built. These are typically installed along with GIMP, but can be installed separately. If you want to compile GIMP from source, we suggest that you use MacPorts or fink to install the libraries it depends on.”


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