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Your Questions About X11 Mac

July 20, 2013

Lisa asks…

Open office Mac Icon.?

I recently downloaded open office for my mac, and I cannot figure out how to download the icon for it, so that I can open it from my dashboard. If you could explain to me thoroughly on where to go to get it, it would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks!
Thank you so much!! It worked.

Administrator answers:

Installing on Mac OSX is installed like most other Mac OSX applications:
Get for Mac OSX
Open the downloaded disk image by clicking on it
Drag and drop the icon into the Applications folder or any other folder on your system.
Start the application by clicking its icon in the Applications folder. Enjoy!

The native Mac OSX version of Aqua has obsoleted the old X11 variant which had extra requirements and installation challenges. Please refer to the Mac X11 FAQ if you you chose to install the deprecated variant and encountered problems.

David asks…

Mac vs. PC?

What are the pros and cons of each? DO NOT say that “mac is just better” or “it doesnt get viruses and its stable” give me VERY detailed reasons otherwise you will have no chance for ten points.
Make lists.
When i said above not to talk about viruses and stability i meant it.
Don’t tell me there are no differences because i know there are and i know what they are i just want the pros and cons of em.

Administrator answers:

Okay, here ya go.
Dynamic Link Libraries. Registry.
Windows based programs use dll files and several other files which are shared between processes. So Excel will use many of the same legos as Word and Powerpoint to produce the final expirience. INformation about how to get at the different legos is stored in the windows registry along with a number of other things. This is VERY efficient for space usage, and also very efficient for access times. It is fast. It is a damn good system, BUT and this is the critical but, it means that if one guy catches a cold, they ALL catch a cold, and if the registry goes, everything goes with it. It is the essence of the Windows vulnerability problem, and it is a very real problem, enough so that by the time you get done installing Antivirus, and Anti this and that, you have taken up enough resources that your system runs noticeable slower, thus making up for any efficiency gain you might have gotten from having a registry and link system.

It is simply not true that Macs can’t get viruses. They most certainly can, and as their popularity increases, they will, BUT when a virus or chunk of code gets ahold of an IX system like Unix or OSX (A very souped up BSD derivitive) or Linux, it can really only effect a few things, and it has a pretty hard time doing that since all the important stuff takes place using a special user called “root” which most Mac users never even know exists. Root is in control of any IX system and without root privileges, nothing too scary can happen. Read a file, maybe ever save some code someplace, but install and execute with enough authority to do damage? Not without manually inputing a pasword.

OSX (Mac) is a Posix system, which means it runs along the bloodline of Unix, an operating system that has been doing a fine job since 1969. X11 has been around since before Microsoft grew Windows, Mac had a Desktop long before ‘Soft crawled out of it’s shell.

The whole personal computer industry since it’s inception in the early 80s has been about trying to keep up with Apple computers. These are the people that brought us the ][ + and ][C. They made the Lisa which can function as fully functional web server a SOLID DECADE before there was a web to serve. They made the Mac 1 and they have just kept going. Iphone, Ipod, stop me when I get to one you have heard of. Apple innovates, Microsoft follows.

Another reason, and I am serious is the two fingered drag pad, Once you try this, you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

Mark my words, when the first computer comes out that requires no keyboard or mouse, and is totally and seamlessly voice and gesture controlled, ala Star Trek, It will have an Apple stamped on it. There are hints of it i OSX already.

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