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February 8, 2013

Sandra asks…

Help I Just Found Out That I Like Britney?

I just download her Blackout album,and I love, oh god what is wrong with me. What should I do?

Administrator answers:

I don’t think their is any problem with liking Britney’s songs.

Its the media that’s making her look bad. If you search into her a little more, you would find a lot of the time she’s been blamed for doing something that she didn’t do. Good stories don’t sell and therefore the media will never report if something good happened. They will have an tendency to exaggerate on a small issue, especial to a star where at one point everyone loved. That’s why her news are always soooo big. Its because everyone wants to know about her, they care. Think about it, if those people didn’t like her, nobody would care to even read about her and and so the media won’t report on her since her news wouldn’t sell.

I suggest you learn a little more about her, read more news on the internet, to sites like tmz and x17 or even one of her fan sites. She is not the person everyone thinks. Most people think she does a lot drugs, but to be honest, she did a lot of drug tests during her custody battle and she pass every single one of those. The media didn’t report that, they did report it on their site but its not in news papers of magazines. Cuz who seriously want to read about “Britney passed another drug test”?

And also, so many people think Britney is “crazy” since the media reported it, but news papers didn’t report that she is doing really well right now with new albums and tours coming up. Compare her to amy whinehouse, courtney love, and many other artists that are doing way worst than her, media didn’t report about them when they did similar stuff, why? … Most people don’t care about them. It really shows how many fans Britney still have, many of them won’t mention it because of all these negative rumors their friends read and believed. When blackout came out, MANY of my friends who clams on the outside that britney sucks, but they all had her album in their ipods and mp3s. My friends who once hated britney was singing “piece of me” IN CLASS AS A GROUP. Still up to today they don’t even clam they love the song, but then why were they singing? It wouldn’t make sense, why on earth would they sing a song they don’t like? … Most people just want to be popular and like everyone else, but what they don’t realize that others like Britney too, just no one is saying it cuz they though it would be embarrassing.

Donna asks…

Can you help me find 2 digit numbers that divide into 903 and 1088?

2 digit numbers taht divide into 903 and 1088
can you show workings out please
can you show workings out please

Administrator answers:

The prime factorisations are


just using trial and error you can pick out 2 digit numbers that divide 903 and 1088.

Eg. 1088=(2^6)x17
and 2×7=14 is a 2 digit number, so this is an answer

Steven asks…

What is the thickness of aluminum foil?

A piece of aluminum foil measuring 12.7 X17.9 in has a mass of 5.966 g. Aluminum has a density of 3.18 g/cm3. What is the thickness of the foil in cm?

I am pretty sure I know how to do it, but I want to know that my answer is correct before I submit it electronically. The answer I have is 1.28e-3cm, but another student has 1.63e-2cm.

Administrator answers:

(12.7 in x 17.9 in) = 227.33 in^2 = 1466.64 cm^2

(5.966 g) / (3.18 g/cm^3) / (1466.64 cm^2) = 0.00128 cm

Mary asks…

When two computers connect to the same network, both loose internet acsess?

Im good at computers but am bit of a novice when it comes to networking. I have a alienware x17 and a hp pavillion dv6 and when they are both connected to the network they loose internet acsess. At first i thought it was an ip conflict but i found out they have different ip adresses. In the past i did some messing around with the router and updated the firmware, i forgot to back up the previous settings and think i may have entered something wrong. The router is set to dynamic ip. Please i need internet on both of at the same time, i would be very greatful for help :)

Administrator answers:

Did you put the router into “bridge mode” where the isp’s IP they give you is passed directly to the client, rather than act as a router with the isp’s ip on one side, and your private network addresses on the other?

Run ipconfig /all on both machines and post it here and maybe we can figure it out.

Carol asks…

How can I create an iso from Windows 7 Home Premium.?

I don’t have the DVD installation disk.Is there any way to create iso using the current running operating system?

Administrator answers:

Downloading these ISO images from Digital River is
Downloaded ISO images will be of virus and malware free
as Digital River is the official Download Channel.
However you need to purchase a license key
to activate Windows 7 after using for 30 days.
As you already have a key then this is no problem to you.

Download Links for bootable,
Windows 7, build 6.1.7600.16385. With SP1 Integrated ISO

Note: The below links are from Digital River,
who is the official e-Commerce partner of Microsoft.

32-bit Windows 7 Home Premium x86 SP1 (bootable)
Digital River:

64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium x64 SP1 (bootable)
Digital River:

32-bit Windows 7 Professional x86 SP1 (bootable)
Digital River:

64-bit Windows 7 Professional x64 SP1 (bootable)
Digital River:

32-bit Windows 7 Ultimate x86 SP1 (bootable)
Digital River:

64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate X64 SP1 (bootable)
Digital River:

Additional info :

Windows7 x86 Home Prem SP1 : MD5SUM ? C5bb99b2f1a9e7a5b4fbc6e3eff70882

Windows7 x86 Professional SP1 : MD5SUM ? Befd4f1e00ec8da2effbd789f4e66fbf

Windows 7 x86 Ultimate SP1 : MD5SUM ? 24f3a45d43d7c532aa3126cc094c61bd

Windows7 x64 Home Prem SP1 : MD5SUM ? 971843a457b6e0db0af61258cbe7256a

Windows7 x64 Professional SP1 : MD5SUM ? 338f3245d68527db47b8a44e55317d0a

Windows7 x64 Ultimate SP1 : MD5SUM ? 56a26636ec667799f5a7f42f142c772d

To burn an iso to a DVD in windows 7
insert blank DVD in to your optical drive,
right click on the iso
and select, burn disc image.

NOTE > To turn any of these disc to an all version disc,
delete the ei.cfg file found in the sources folder.


Robert asks…

Where can I get Microsoft Word?

I just got a new computer and already have the product key for Word. Can I get the program somewhere without having to buy it again?

Administrator answers:

If you have a valid product key you can legitimately download Word from Microsoft’s partner, DigitalRivers at the following URL’s (download will begin when you click on the link):

Word 2010 w/SP1 x86 (32 bit)>

Word 2010 w/SP1 x64 (64 bit)>

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