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February 20, 2013

James asks…

What World War 2 rifle should I get?

I am really wanting to get a World War 2 gun for target shooting. I don’t know too much about these guns do I need help figuring out which gun I should buy. I am deciding between the Ex Sniper version of the 91/30 Mosin Nagant and the German 98k. Which gun should I get? Thanks everyone!

Administrator answers:

Hello Spencer!

I think before we recommend a rifle, we need a better idea of what you mean by “target shooting”!

If you mean NRA style bulls-eye matches from 200 yards to 600 yards, neither would be a good choice because of the lack of good match quality bullets for either rifle (or load recipes for them), and a drought of match quality parts for them, such as aftermarket sights, triggers, and barrels. In NRA matches, matches fired from 200 yards to 600 yards, the rifle MUST be fired with iron sights. Even the matches fired at 800 and 900 yards must be fired with iron sights. Only at 1,000 yards can a scope be used in “any sight” matches, but in iron sight matches, you must use iron sights. The only exception to the above, is that you can use a scope at 600 yards if you are shooting “F class” matches.

If you are looking at shooting in NRA matches, I would recommend you look at either an M1 Garand or an M1903A3 Springfield. Many M1903 and M1903A3 Springfields have been built into competitive match rifles by the addition of the Lyman “X17″ (I forget the full nomeclasture) front sight and the Model 48 (or Model 48 Long Slide) micrometer adjustable rear sight.

If you are contemplating informal target shooting, just to improve your skill and something to do, I would go with the 98k Mauser!

Good luck and good shooting!

Joseph asks…

HELP!! How do you find the generators of the cyclic group (G, x17) where: G={1,2,4,8,9,13,15,16}?

I understand that a generator has to be of the same order of the group, but how do you find the order of each individual element? Been driving me crazzzzzy… for example, ,,…, what terms is included?!!

Administrator answers:

Just calculate the powers of those numbers mod 17. I presume the group is a subgroup of Z/Z17 with multiplication as the operation. You should always state the operation, even if you think it’s obvious, just to avoid confusion.

The order of a number k is the first n > 0 where k^n = 1 mod 17. Just look at k, k^2, k^3 etc. In a finite group, you’ll eventually get to k^n = 1. The first time you get 1, you’ve found the order of k.

Here is the table of power. Excel makes this easy, but it’s doable by hand in just a few minutes. You don’t need the full expression of the power in Z (like 15^16 is huge). Just do the calculations mod 17 each time.
Like 9×9 = 81 = 4×17 + 13 so 9^2 = 13 mod 17
13×9 = 117 = 6×17 + 15 = 15 mod 17
15×9 etc.

Powers of k^n mod 17

This shows that 2 8 9 and 15 are generators.
16 has order 2, as would be expected since 16 = -1 mod 17
4 and 13 have order 4
1 has order 1
And we’ve accounted for all 8 elements and found their orders.

BTW, all the other elements of Z/Z17, 356710111214, have order 16 and generate the whole multiplicative group of the nonzero integers mod 17.

Betty asks…

what are rates for the express bus? like daily fun pass and such?

what are some rates for the express bus, like daily unlimited, weekly and all that?

I live in the bronx, so i would be going to manhattan and vise-versa.

Administrator answers:

Express Buses $5 only accepted $41 7-Day Express Bus Plus or Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard. Most people like to use Easy-Express Bus Plus that start off with $40 ($46 value) and when balance reach $30, it triggers back to $40.
These cards are includes local subway and bus rides, including Bee-Line bus, Bx12 +Select Bus Stop Metro-Card Fare Collectors.
Here are list of express bus.
Bronx: BxM1, BxM2, BxM3, BxM4A, BxM4B, BxM6, BxM7, BxM7A, BxM7B, BxM9, BxM10, BxM11, BxM18.

NYCT: X27, X28, X29, X37, X38.
MTA Bus Co: BM1, BM2, BM3, BM4, BM5.
Manhattan: X25, X90.

QM1, QM1A, QM2, QM2A, QM3, QM4, QM10, QM11, QM12, QM15, QM16, QM17, QM18, QM21, QM22, QM23, QM24.

Staten Island
X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, X6, X7, X8, X9, X10, X11, X12, X13, X14, X15, X16, X17, X18, X19, X20, X22, X25
Atlantic Express
X23, X24
Outside City
Bee-Line BxM4C (Route 28)- Westchester-Manhattan Express (via Central Park Av bet. White Plains & 26th St or AM Rush to Downtown Manhattan or from PM Rush hour.

Laura asks…

How to get to Aston Martin Ltd from Coventry Pool Meadow bus station by public transport?

Aston Martin Ltd, Banbury Road, Gaydon, Warwick, CV35 0DB..

Administrator answers:

Go to stop AA, just outside Sainsbury’s, get the X17 to Lemington Spa, go to Upper Parade (stand J) and catch the 77 to Mallory Road, Lighthorne, Aston Martin is not far.

Mandy asks…

what is the fastest way to get to rikers island?

What is the fastest way to get to rikers island from staten island by public transportation I want to to visit my b.f & the route I take takes forever I take the R train to queens plaza is there an express bus I can take? Please help thanks in advance

Administrator answers:

If you need to Rikers Island from Staten Island, there are lots of options.

VIa SIR/Subway:
Step 1: Take Staten Island Railway to St. George.
Step 2: Take free Staten Island Ferry to Whitehall Ferry Terminal.
Step 3: Walk up to Bowling Green Station.
Step 4: Take uptown (4)(5 express to Lex Av-59th St.
Step 5: Take Queens-bound (N)(Q) to Queensboro Plaza (Queens Blvd/Crescent-27th Sts) or (R) to Queens Plaza or out of system transfer to (F) train at Lex Av-63rd St to 21st St-Queensbridge.
Step 6: At Jackson Av side, take Q100 bus to Rikers Island. From (F), Q100 stop on opposite side of elevator.

Via Express Bus:
X1-X7, X9-X10, X12-X14, X17, X22-X24, X30-X31, X42 meets (F) train at West 4th St, 34th St-Herald Sq, 42nd St-Bryant Park, 47th-50th Sts and 57th St where you you could take Queens-bound (F) to 21st St-Queensbridge for Q100.

You could also take S53/S79/S93 bus to 86th St (R) Station.
Take Manhattan-bound (R) to 4th Av-9th St for Queens-bound (F).

Thomas asks…

Using Staten Island as Homebase for Four Day Trip to NYC?

Thinking about staying in Staten Island and using the SI Ferry to get back and forth to the city. Other options are Long Island City and Jersey City. Best deal so far in SI but wondering about logistics of getting back and forth.

Administrator answers:

I think it would work. I wouldn’t recommend a hotel in the St. George area, though, as it can get kind of sketchy at night (St. George is the area near the ferry terminal).

I would recommend taking the express bus back and forth. The service on the X1, X10 & X17 is pretty good, and it works out even better if you can time yourself for a bus. The service in the evening is actually a bit better than the ferry, especially if you can get to an area where you have 2 of the routes.

I hope this information was very helpful.

Donald asks…

How to make Windows 7 bootable disk from nero 8?

Administrator answers:

Why bother with all that trouble ?

Downloading these ISO images from Digital River is
Downloaded ISO images will be of virus and malware free
as Digital River is the official Download Channel.
However you need to purchase a license key
to activate Windows 7 after using for 30 days.
As you already have a key then this is no problem to you.

Windows7 Ultimate (64bit) SP1 U Bootable :

Windows7 Ultimate (32bit) SP1 U Bootable :

To make an all version disc, use.
Eicfg removal utility :

To change ultimate to another version, use.
Iso image edition switcher :


Richard asks…

I have a Windows 7 genuine license key showing on my system properties, but no disk, can I use it on any disk?

Windows 7 Ultimate, bought laptop with genuine Windows 7 just no disk and I was trying to work out if i can format and use a Win 7 ultimate disk to re install if I copy the Key down?

Administrator answers:

YES you can.

Downloading these ISO images from Digital River is
Downloaded ISO images will be of virus and malware free
as Digital River is the official Download Channel.
However you need to purchase a license key
to activate Windows 7 after using for 30 days.
As you already have a key then this is no problem to you.

If your sticker is missing,
that has your key on it,
try using this >
to recover your key. (before you reinstall)

Download Links for bootable,
Windows 7, build 6.1.7600.16385. With SP1 Integrated ISO

Note: The below links are from Digital River,
who is the official e-Commerce partner of Microsoft.

32-bit Windows 7 Ultimate x86 SP1 (bootable)
Digital River:

64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate X64 SP1 (bootable)
Digital River:

Additional info :

Windows 7 x86 Ultimate SP1 : MD5SUM ? 24f3a45d43d7c532aa3126cc094c61bd

Windows7 x64 Ultimate SP1 : MD5SUM ? 56a26636ec667799f5a7f42f142c772d

Because these disc’s are not oem
you will have to activate by telephone (it takes 2 minutes)

To burn an iso to a DVD in windows 7
insert blank DVD in to your optical drive,
right click on the iso
and select, burn disc image.

NOTE > To turn any of these disc to an all version disc,
delete the ei.cfg file found in the sources folder.


Sandy asks…

i want to install windows7 from internet on my new toshiba laptop, any help plz ?

the laptop is new and blank.

Administrator answers:

Windows is not any Notepad like software that you can install from Internet. If your Laptop is New and Blank (No OS is installed). Then follow below steps.

1) If you have bootable DVD of Windows 7. Just install from that. Installing Windows 7 is quite easy. Insert CD/DVD, choose to Boot from CD/DVD, then follow the screen instructions.

2) If you do not have Bootable DVD of Windows 7, then just go to any running Computer, download ISOs of Windows 7 from any of below Link.
Windows 7 Ultimate (Official):

Burn it to CD/DVD or USB using Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool.


Follow the screen options to make your Flash Drive or DVD ready for Windows 7 installation. Then insert it and Install Windows.

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