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February 28, 2013

Michael asks…

Which tennis players have the best legs?

Male and Female.

In my opinion:
Male- Rafa, Deliciano and Berdych
Female- Azarenka, Petkovic and Kuznetsova.

Administrator answers:

I don’t know about legs, but I know Rafa has the best a$$

Rafa also have the best back

the best biting-an-apple look

the best turtleneck look

and the best shorts-at-the beach look

to answer ur Q for real, I agree abt Rafa, Feli and Berdych; they all have great legs, I like andy murray’s too tbh.
Women : Idk, maybe sharapova, azarenka and dementieva

edit : rafa also have the best a-photo-with-kaka look

Susan asks…

Why dont i have windows media player?

i have windows 7 ultimate x64, and i cant get any sounds (log off sound/log on sound) but i can hear youtube videos. i know i cant get the system sounds because i dont have windows media player… BUT WHY DONT I HAVE WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER??? where can i get it, i thought it was supose to come with windows.

Administrator answers:

There’s a version of Windows 7 that doesn’t come with a Media Player. Microsoft had to introduce the E and N editions to the European market and the K and KN editions to the Korean market due to pressure from the respective governments. The N editions don’t contain any media player software; the E editions don’t contain the internet explorer; the K editions contain additional selection screens to download alternative media player and messenger software, the KN editions don’t contain any media player or messenger software, or any links to alternatives.

Maybe that’s the one you have.

Anyway, why bother when there’s a much better media player like this free one:

It’ll play any media format that you throw at it!

If you still prefer to have WMP, you need to change your OS to one that has it built-in. Here’s an ISO for Windows 7 Ultimate x64 that’s intended for the US market:

Transfer the ISO to a bootable USB flash drive or DVD using this tool:

Activate your Windows 7 after the clean install using the Product Key that’s written on the sticker under your laptop. If you don’t have it but your OS is still working, extract the Product Key from the registry using this:

You might need to download special drivers for your hardware (eg. Ethernet, wifi adaptor, audio, graphics, webcam, keyboard, etc.) from the hardware manufacturer’s website if they are not automatically detected by Windows 7 after running Windows Update.

Carol asks…

What clothing do you like to see a woman wear? (guys only)?

I’m talking about a girl that you admire and respect not just want to have sex with. Serious answers please. Also how do you like them to wear their hair, etc?

Administrator answers:

If I respect a girl, I dont focus on what she wears ;)

That said, if you want to look mature, dont wear short jeans / shorts that show your waist or dont wear tshirts that reveal your belly button. It may be seductive, but it isnt respectful for yourself: which means you wont be respected alltogether.

What you should wear, are fashionable clothes that look cute and match!




Dress like this:

Mandy asks…

Is there a color laser printer that prints 11X17 duplex at a reasonable price?

I’m looking for a good color laser that prints tabloid (11×17) and both sides of the paper. I teach a high school graphics class so cost is an issue.

Administrator answers:

HP 5550 runs around $3,500.
You can manually duplex to cut costs.
11″x17″ kicks the price up to that area.

HP2600N 8.5″x14″ color manual duplexer start around $400!

Steven asks…

How many photos can i take with a 8.1 megapixel digital camera?

Administrator answers:

8.1 megapixels is refering to how detailed each image you take can be with the camera.

It means that each picture is made up of around 8 million dots.

More dots means a more detailed picture.

An 8.1 megapixel camera can make print outs bigger than 11″x17″ (a two-page spread) that still look photographic.

The number of photos you can take depends on the memory card you put in the camera. There are memory cards that are 4 and 8 gigabytes in size, which can hold literally thousands of photos.

Robert asks…

I always wake up with a terrible neck ache!!! Do they have a pillow that will help this?

I have tried a few pillows but none seem to work. I am small and have a long neck..will that make any difference?

Administrator answers:

I would recommend that you purchase a cervical support neck pillow- one with an indentation in the middle. Having a roll under your neck will allow to have good posture for your c spine while sleeping. You mentioned that you are petite framed and have a long neck. Make sure you get a pillow that is going to be of the proper proportionate size. There is a pillow called the linear gravity neck pillow that comes in a small size. In fact, the dimensions are 23”x17”. It has a square center, and two neck rolls for you to choose from:

I hope this helps you out.

Sharon asks…

yugioh how good is the machine revolt structure deck if i buy 3 of them?

Administrator answers:

I currently play with gears and their not all that terrible. You need a good soild build. And get the packs that have geartown one machina Structure deck to add machina fortress to the deck. My ancient machina deck defeated lightsworns 6 sams glad beasts cyber dragons/darks water pryo stall exodia.

But to answer your question yes i think its worth it but its up to u.

This is a good deck built. This was my last yrs deck. I made new improvments but i dont want anybody copying my new version so here it is

monsters x20

3x AG Golem
3x AG Dragon
2x AG Beast
1x AG Knight
1x AG Engineer
1x AG Soldier
3x giant rat
1x grand mole
1x Morphing jar
1x marshmallon
1x dandylion
2x cyber valley

spells x17

1x dark hole
1x monster reborn
3x Geartown
2x AG Castle
1x AG Tank
1x future fusion
1x Gaia power
1x limiter removal
1x mage power
1x pot of avarice
2x power bond
1x terraforming

traps x6

1x torrential tribute
1x mirror force
1x Malevolent Catastrophe
2x magical hats
1x dark bribe


(x3) Ultimate ancient gear golem

Mary asks…

what amount of money would clear your debt?

stat`s in the U.K recon most people between the age of 25 to 35 have £20.000+ debt .credit cards , loans, ect.. are you one of these people . you view please

Administrator answers:

Check this out I have £20.000 of debt then an £90.000 mortgage, a flat that is worth £115.000 if sold, no job and a car with half a tank of petrol and a boot full of tools oh and £0.25 cash, and to top the lot I used rapid restart on the jobseekers allowance after having two weeks work and have to wait 3 weeks to sign on then a further week for the money, hardley surviving on bits of cash paid work. Thanks a bunch Ben French. Would you be annoyed watching 12 years hard graft go down the swanny. 30 years old 35 years before retirement and the whole flat measures 17′x17′ this diabolical and I earn good money when I can = £28000 to 35000 a year, so much for electricians.

Richard asks…

Excel – Negative numbers not regonised in formula?

In excel I am using the formula =IF(X17=X18,1,0). This should give a 1 when the 2 numbers in the cell match, which it does… when using positive numbers (ie, more than zero).

However, when the numbers match in the cells, but are negative, such as -2.79, the formula is returning a zero, which is wrong (as the numbers match).

Is there any way around this?
NB: The two negative numbers that match both come from a sum themselves. IE one comes from a sum such as A1+A2 and the other comes from a sum such as B3+B4
NB: There are 2 decimal places and they match exactly. The numbers which make up the sum all only have 2 decimal places themselves. The formula just isnt recognising them as the same.

Administrator answers:

Try truncating both X17 and X18 to two decimal places. You do this by inserting their formulas into the truncate function. If you have a sum in X17 like so,
then it would look like this:
Do the same for X18. This will remove any round off error that keeps them from matching.

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