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Your Questions About X17

March 22, 2013

William asks…

What is the schedule for the x17 bus for columbus day.?

Administrator answers:

Which city? You dont tell us
so we cant help you because SOMEONE DIDN’T TELL

Mandy asks…

I have a Emichines e528-2325 loptop that came with window 7, but it was wiped out and reloaded with vista. And?

now I can’t get my wireless and bluetooth drive to download and install. Can someone give me some kind of idea that can may help.

Administrator answers:

Lol why would you ever do that?
Windows 7 -> vista is down right crazy.

Un-stupid your computer and get windows 7 back on there.

WIndows 7 Home 64bit:

WIndows 7 Pro 64bit:

Use the key on the side of your computer to activate.

To answer you question:

0. EMachines does not provide support for vista on your computer, you may be out of luck.
1. To find out if the drivers support vista you can open up their inf file and do a search for vista.
2. You can look up your hardware id number in device manager and then google it to see if there are any drivers available from the hardware vendor.

Linda asks…

Is there a free transfer between express busses?

I am going to Staten Island today from Queens and I was wondering if I take the express bus from Queens to Manhattan and transfer to an express bus to Staten Island will it be a free transfer or will it be another $5.50 deducted?

Administrator answers:

Yes, it’s a free transfer. I live on Staten Island and have done it before (X17 to the BxM3).

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