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March 23, 2013

Ruth asks…

Has anyone installed Windows 7 on a Packard Bell Easynote R1000?

If you have, would be grateful to know what you did to make everything compatible.
The Microsoft Windows 7 upgrade adviser says my graphics card won’t be compatible. Also there’s an issue with the Synaptics driver. I went onto the Packard Bell website to update the driver but it is still showing as an ‘issue’

Administrator answers:

State what compatibility problems you are having. We might be able to help you even if we don’t have that make and model. I’m sure the drivers are available from their website. If not, try Vista drivers. They are usually the same. In some cases, Vista drivers are also compatible or are updated to be made compatible with Windows 8.

I haven’t had any difficulty installing Windows 7 on old hardware even if it has less than 1GB RAM and the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor says there’s no graphics card driver available.

You can still try experimenting. I suppose you have an older OS which may be XP or Vista. Create a full system backup of the hard drive to a couple of DVD discs with this free program:

Don’t forget to create a ToDo Backup boot disc too as you will be needing that to boot from if you have to restore the contents of the hard drive from the DVDs.

After making the backup which will serve as your recovery discs, install a trial version of Windows 7:
Windows 7 Ultimate Edition SP1 (bootable)
32-bit version (2446MB or 2.39GB) —
64-bit version (3167MB or 3.09GB) —

Transfer the ISO image to a DVD or USB flash drive with this:

If you need to install a different edition then unlock the ISO with this BEFORE burning it to a DVD:

If you are going to use a flash drive as the installer media then you have to open the SOURCES folder in the flash drive and delete the EI.CFG file or rename it to something else.

Once you have the installer media ready, boot from it and do a clean install to erase your current OS and applications. Of course you have to make sure prior to that that you have backed up your data. See if you will be able to run Windows 7 without problems. If you have problems with your touchpad, get the synaptics driver from this link:

Oh, the trial version will be good for 30 days only. After that, if you don’t activate it with a license key, it will start telling you that your OS is not genuine and the desktop wallpaper will turn to black You won’t be able to customize it. The license key, if you don’t have that, can be bought online at Microsoft, amazon or ebay. If you find the Ultimate edition too expensive, you can get a license for a cheaper edition but you have to install the edition that matches it. If you have have unlocked the installer then that shouldn’t be a problem as you can choose whatever edition you need to install.

Helen asks…

I accidently delete Microsoft Word, anyway to retrieve it?

I typed in this incorrect Product Key and it was locked up. So I decided to delete it and now I don’t have it on my computer anymore. I’m using the 2000 edition of Word as a backup right now but is there a way to retrieve the newer 2010 version.

Administrator answers:

You can download a copy of Microsoft Word from Digital River. Downloading the files from Digital River is absolutely legal and completely free of charge. Digital River is authorized by Microsoft to host these files. Since it is an official download channel, you can be sure to receive clean setup files free of viruses and malware. Without a legally obtained product key however, any installation will only run for 60 days. Afterwards, it needs to be activated, or the evaluation timer be reset.

Office 2010 x86 with SP1:(click on it)

Maria asks…

I need a great idea for a “Self Promotion” flyer for a job interview?

Help!! I’m blanking….I need to create a flyer for a potential employer to promote my strenths and just basically why they should hire me. I know my qualifications and the basics of what I want to say, but I really want to do it in a creative, funny, entertaining way. Any good ideas out there???

Administrator answers:

If you don’t have Adobe Illustrator go to the local college (usually the fine arts department) talk to a student/professor and they will probably be glad to help you do a nice 11″x17″ poster and have it printed at the local office supply store (less than a dollar in color.) Take a thumb drive with you and some good ideas and pictures you downloaded.

Have you volunteered at the local animal shelter/hospital/hospice? Employers want people that go above and beyond for NO recognition. This can be a good way to slip these activities into your interview without boasting….

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