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March 31, 2013

Linda asks…

Is it possible to choose 17 real numbers so that 5 |x-y| > 1 + |x*y| for any pair (x,y) from this set?

All 17 numbers should be different.
Northstar, x and y are all possible pairs of 2 different numbers, selected from a given set of 17 different numbers.

Administrator answers:

5 |x-y| > 1 + |x*y|
also implies that
|x-y| > 1 + |x*y| >= |1 + xy|

I will show that it is impossible to choose 17 real numbers which satisfy even this relaxed condition.

Instead of small variables x1…x17, lets consider corresponding underlying angles denoted by capitalized variables X1…X17, such that
tan(Xi) = xi

In terms of capitalized variables-angles the relaxed requirement is written as
1/5 < |tanX – tanY| / |1 + tanX tanY| = |tan(X-Y)| = tan|X-Y|
1/5 tan(?/4)

arctan(1/5) > 2?/32

So if we try to place 17×2 = 34 points on a circle, then there oughta be at least two points separated by an arc shorter than arctan(1/5).

Note that FGS generated a set of 15 real numbers in the form
x_n = tan(n arctan(1/5))
For example x_7 = 5.227078385 = tan(7 arctan(1/5))

Jenny asks…

How to reinstall windows 7 from a external hard-drive?

Okay I had Ubuntu 10.04 installed onto my computer, but recently i realized that it was bugged and it needed to be removed. So I went here ( ). It told me to delete the unspecified partitions and then restart. After i deleted these partitions and restarted, my computer did this

Error: no such partition
grub rescue>

Really all I want to do is get my Windows 7 back up and running As Soon As Possible. So i did some googling around and realized that I need a install disc of windows 7. However I was never given an install disc when I bought my desktop from Fry’s, due to it already being pre-installed.

I have “obtained” a windows 7 home premium 64 bit (which is what i need) and I have a laptop that has windows 7 on it, but it needs the install disc for me to get a repair disc working. Please assist!


Administrator answers:

I suppose when you bought the computer from Fry’s it came with a Windows sticker at the back or somewhere containing your 25-character product key. If yes, all you need is to get hold of the right version and edition of Windows 7 installer, boot from it and do a clean install.

What version and edition do you need? If it’s Windows Home Premium edition choose and download the right version:
x86 (32-bit) version (2446MB or 2.39GB) —
x64 (64-bit) version (3167MB or 3.09GB) —

If it’s not Home Premium that’s on your computer then convert the ISO to an all-edition-in-one with this:

Next, burn the ISO to a DVD with this:

If you prefer to use a flash drive (min. Of 4GB), after transferring the installer to a flash drive go to the SOURCES folder and delete the file named EI.CFG to enable you to select other editions aside from Home Premium.

Now you can use the installer to install any edition that you need. Just don’t be silly installing a different edition if you don’t have a matching product key to activate it.

Finally, after the installation, download and install drivers for hardware that were not automatically detected during the Windows installation.

Sandy asks…

Does Air Canada usually weigh carry on baggage?

I’m only allowed to bring one checked bag but two carryons, so I have my max limit of weight for checked, and then forced everything else into my carry ons. One of them is only 8 kg, but the other is almost 20… will they weigh it? (Im in germany flying to calgary and then to edmonton)

Administrator answers:

I think you have serious problems! The carry on limit is one small carry on case, with a max weight 10kg and one person item up the size of a large rucksack (6″x13″x17″), also with a max weight of 10kg, so currently your carry on baggage is 8kg over weight, and yes I do think they will suspect it is over weight and ask you to put it on the scales, 20kg is just 3kg short of the full checked luggage allowance!

You could therefore end up having to pay $50 CAD to check your 20kg bag, and be careful about going over the 23kg checked luggage limit, as the will cost you $100 CAD in excess baggage charges too.

If everything is essential, you could look at shipping some items back, either by courier or general post, as this maybe cheaper than the excess charges.

Laura asks…

Are Danny and Lindsay on CSI NY married?

I’m watching the new episode from this week and Danny asked Lindsay to marry him and she said no. But in the previous season but she had Lucy they got married at the court house. I’m confused.

Administrator answers:

Yes they got married in 5 x17 Green piece…..

The video url is ? Watch in HQ

Sharon asks…

how do i get to rockefeller center from staten island by bus?

i wanna take one of the x express buses from the transit center on richmond ave

Administrator answers:

Due to Holiday Gridlock, buses are not permitted to stop in premise of Rockfeller Center for crowd safety.
X1 Midday, Rush Hour X7/X9 drop you off at 6th Av/51st St on M5/M7 stop.
X10 and X17 stop at Madison Av/49th-50th St.

If you’re going back you must wait for them at 7th Av/50th St or 5th Av/41st St.

Robert asks…

Is a 7 foot pool table to small?

I really want a pool table and im wondering if a 7 foot pool table is to small? Also i am wondering how many inches a cue stick is because i have a tight space to use!

Administrator answers:

The typical pool hall has 9′ tables, the typical home table is 8′, and the typical bar table is 7′.

7′ is fine, but the typical serious player prefers larger tables. I’ve known some people over the years who prefer smaller tables, but in general most of those people were, shall we say, more “mature” players who had trouble seeing long shots or could not bend down as far in their stance to aim those end to end cut shots. Almost all serious players prefer the challenge of the larger tables.

The easiest way to find out if that size is acceptable is to go to a bar and play a few games and see what you think. I would certainly put a 7′ table in my house if that’s all I had room for, but I much prefer 9′ tables.

As far as how much room you need, I’ll put a link to a room size chart below. In general you want about 5′ on each side of the table, so if you don’t have a 13.5′x17′ room you may not be able to cut it. I wouldn’t fool around with shorter cues either unless you’ve just got a pole in the way or a corner that juts into the playing space in a small area. Short cues are poor quality and uncomfortable to play with. It’s not an enjoyable playing experience to have to use one for half your shots.

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