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April 7, 2013

Sandra asks…

where can i download windows 7 ultimate 32 bit for update from windows vista FOR FREE?

tittle says it all i am looking for windows 7 ultimate 32 bit for my compaq presario cq60 i have already ran the advisor and my computer is compatible so where can i download it

Administrator answers:

Windows 7 SP1 ISO :
this is the full official ISO image, burn to a good quality blank DVD using any good image burning program such as ImgBurn or the like. Y?? Need t? Activate Windows w?th a genuine license activation key t? Continue using ?t.

Joseph asks…

What type / size of paper do comic book artists use?

What type / size of paper do comic book artists use

Administrator answers:

Most comic artists (Comic Book not Anime) use 11″x17″ size paper. And there are a ton of good brands out there. Canson is a good starting place.

George asks…

Let X1,X2,X3,…,X100 be 100 integers such that sum of any 5 of them is 20.?

A) The Largest Xi = 5;
B) The smallest Xi = 3;
C) X17 = X83;
D) none of these options.
Explain kindly.

Administrator answers:

?Xi = 400

400= ?Xi ?100·max{Xi} –> 4 ? Max{Xi}
100· min{Xi} ?400 –> min{Xi}?4

Let X1,X2, X3, X4, X5 with one ? Max, i supose X5?max

–> X1+X2+X3+X4+X5=20 –>
X1+X2+X3+X4 = 20-X5 .

If use X1, X2, X3, X4, max{Xi, i=1,..100}
X1+X2+X3+X4+ max = 20 -X5 +max=20 –> X5=max!!!

–> Xi=max =4 for all i–> 4, 4, 4…….4 –>

a) b) false
c) true X17=X83=4


Robert asks…

Wireless printer, ledger size paper, <$200?

I am looking for a wireless printer that does ledger size paper (11 x17), has seperate ink cartridges and is under $200. Am I living in fantasy land or does such a printer exist? I would really appreciate any help, it’s for a gift.

Administrator answers:

I am not aware of any printers that print 11×17 that are wireless. There are 11×17 printers that have ethernet networking, but the cheapest one I could find was $700 (ethernet network printers will act as a wireless printer when plugged into a wireless router). I think it would be safe to say that you won’t be able to find a wireless 11×17 printer for near $200.

In fact, just a basic 11×17 printer is expensive. The best one I could find is the HP B8550. It’s photo quality surpasses even that of Epson, and it does print up to 13×19 (11×17 included). It does not have networking of any kind, but it uses individual pigment ink cartridges. It’s normally $299, but it’s very possible that you could find it on sale for near $200 at an office supply store such as Office Depot or Staples. You may even find it online somewhere. Here’s a link if you want to check it out:

Carol asks…

Alienware setting question?

hey i have alienware x17 r3 and i saw pci EXPRESS power management setting i was wondering what is that ? its say its off but should i turn is on to moderate power or to maximum power ?? help plzz

Administrator answers:

Try factory settings to restore them.

Donald asks…

Pic-vey: How many naughty pics do you have to receive before you fall in love?

my cam phone isnt going to last long at this rate….

Administrator answers:

Will it accept 11 x17 full frontal nudee shots? Just curious.

Donna asks…

What type of boots is this?

the one that Kate Beckinsale’s daughter is wearing?
the pic:

Administrator answers:

Yup, definitely a scrunch boot. Available in leather and suede actually. Theyre quite popular and you can find them literally anywhere.

Jenny asks…

Who’s prettier, Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus?

Administrator answers:

Miley Bieber.

Mary asks…

don’t you hate that people so are so influenced by trashy shows?

Like that stupid jersey shore show!

Has anyone noticed how practically everyone in Sydney is now tanning to the point of leather! And everyone, including muslims, are now wearing those massive cross necklaces as such:

Administrator answers:

People are not only influenced in “trashy” shows, they are influenced by “trashy” media. People at times, choose to live in fantasy worlds and choose to believe what others tell them instead of thinking for themselves.

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