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April 21, 2013

John asks…

What is the easiest and fastest way to get to the college of Staten island from 91-32 195 St Hollis, queens?

Administrator answers:

Easiest way would be to take the LIRR from Hollis to Penn Station, walk back 2 blocks to 5th Avenue & 32nd Street, and then take the X10 to CSI.

Quickest way would be to take the LIRR from Hollis to Atlantic Terminal, take the Bronx-bound (4) or (5) to Bowling Green, and then take the X10 or X11 to CSI (you can also take the X17 and walk a few blocks down Victory).

Susan asks…

I have a computer case 16′x7′x17′ how to tell if motherboard will fit,?

So I want to use the above case to build a gaming computer for around 500. I can probably use some pieces from it like fan dvd cd drive etc. So how do I know if the mother board will fit it. If you could give me some specs for a computer to fit this case that would help.
I don’t really know what will fit it..

Administrator answers:

Those look like outside dimensions, they don’t really help as the inside dimensions are going to be a lot smaller.
Anyways cases and motherboards generally fall under two standard sizes, ATX and MicoATX. An ATX case will fit both ATX and MicroATX motherboards. You can check out the specks on Wikipedia.

Paul asks…

water color paintings?

I have a beautiful water color 14″x17.5.” Artist’s name looks like F.E.Holt (Hott?). On the back: “Oct 26, ’45 LeVesinet.” Front signed, followed by “LeVesinet,France – 1945.” Colors are shades of lavendar, yellow, tan/brown,gray,maroon….very soft & pretty. Has anyone ever heard of F.E.Holt or have info regarding same?

Administrator answers:


Above are examples of Frank Edward Holt artwork.

Heres what it said about him:

He studied with Elmer Taflinger in Indianapolis, Indiana, and at the Academie de la Grande Chaumier in Paris, France. A member of the Indiana Artist Club, the Hoosier Salon, and the Brown County Art Gallery Association, Frank Holt was an exhibitor at the Hoosier Salon from 1949 to 1958. He painted cubist, highly abstract works.

If you have one of his paintings…I’m

Robert asks…

I’m Looking for a Laptop Barebone Kit.?

I Love the design and the 1366 CPU Socket on this Laptop

The Raptor X17, But I’ve seen the before on Sagers website. So is this a Barebone kit available

Administrator answers:

I don’t think it’s available as a barebone, most of those configurable laptops are rebranded not barebone.

Thomas asks…

if you were a guy which chick would you choose ?

im trynna help my friend choose a girl but we just both dont know ! some opinions please ???
heres this one .

and heres another.

Administrator answers:

Well the 1st one not that pretty and the second one looks like she might be trash..sorry.

Laura asks…

girls. how do i look (pics included)?

this is me. please rate me from 1 to 10

Administrator answers:

Are you wanting to impress someone?
Looks don’t matter, it’s the personality that counts =)

sorry, can’t answer your question cause I didn’t look xD

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