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April 27, 2013

John asks…

Which out of the two outfits do you like best?

Please rate them both on a scale of 1-10
Thanks heaps! ;-) ;-) ;-)
Outfit 1…

Outfit 2…

I’ll try again ;-)

Administrator answers:

Links aren’t working but I give you a STAR
just for your efforts.

Richard asks…

what label sweatpant wear alessandra ambrosio? and where i can find it?

Administrator answers:

PINK by victoria’s secret or hot topic.

Ken asks…

what is the brand of the sunglasses that mike “the situation” has here?

Administrator answers:

Jersey shore has their own brand of sunglasses now days….i have a pair that i bought from one of those places in the middle of the mall.

Donald asks…

Help! What bag is Ashley Tisdale carring in this photo

Administrator answers:

YSL Muse.
Yves Saint Laurent

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