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May 1, 2013

Sandy asks…

Are these CPU temps legit?

Overclocking Phenom 955 x17 multiplier @ 220 bus speed Voltage at 1.43V. 3.74 Ghz. 40C at startup. 43C at idle and 55C at load on air cooling. Will these temps wear down on the CPU? Also whats a good way to squeeze even more out of it? Should I be focusing on the multiplier or the bus speed?

Administrator answers:

Check this out – Max Temps (C) 62’C

Unfortunately, you are only 7C from meltdown. So either get a better cooling solution or tone down your overclock. Your core speed is 3.2 Ghz, I would suggest you back off to 3.5 Ghz and see if you can lower the temp a little.

If you go anywhere higher than 62 C, as the guy below suggests, you are gonna have silicon SLAG.

Ruth asks…

Alienware setting help ?

hey i have alienware x17 r3 and i saw pci EXPRESS power management setting i was wondering what is that ? its say its off but should i turn is on to moderate power or to maximum power ?? help plzz

Administrator answers:

You being a gamer it have to be maximum power, right good luck

Mandy asks…

Alienware setting help ?

hey i have alienware x17 r3 and i saw pci EXPRESS power management setting i was wondering what is that ? its say its off but should i turn is on to moderate power or to maximum power ?? help plzz

Administrator answers:

Usually you should have it on moderate power if you are not running games 24/7. Max power is for serious gaming and complex graphics. Otherwise, you are just running your electric bill up for nothing.

Sandra asks…

Rad Tech question: What’s wrong with using an image receptor that is too big?

Today I was taking a test. I was doing an elbow x-ray and it turns out I failed it just because I used an image receptor that is too big, & I should have used one that was smaller, according to the professor. What’s wrong with one that is big? Just wondering.
I’m a student.

Administrator answers:

If you are using CR instead of film, I do not think the size of the receptor makes a difference as long as you collimate correctly. The reason they probably failed you is because they want to know that you know the correct size you should use. Most teachers are still in the train of thought when they used to use film, it would be a waist to use a 14″x17″ film if you are just doing an elbow. Most facilities use DR or CR but there are some places that still use film.

Laura asks…

Exercise for Chinchillas?

I’ve got a pet chinchilla in a 31”x17.5”x28.5” cage. What would be the best exercise equipment for it? An exercise wheel may not fit in the cage, and it’s still very timid so I don’t want to scare it by grabbing it and throwing it in one of those big running balls. What else might work?

Administrator answers:

If you’re looking for something inside the cage, climbing branches and ledges work well. You should give them some out of cage time daily as well. BTW, don’t use those running balls – they’re too small for chinchillas and they could over-heat while in one. During out of cage time, they should just be out running, not stuck in a ball. It’s a good idea if you can chin-proof one room for them to have run of. For toys, you can use wood to make climbing shelves (my dad made a couple out of pine for mine and they love it – good for chewing on, too), some type of tunnels to run through, etc. They’re climbers and jumpers, so pretty much anything that they can climb and jump on makes a great toy for a chin.

Ken asks…

Which wrist watch is Justin Bieber wearing here?

Please tell me ,thank you!

Administrator answers:

More than likely it’s Rolex.

Joseph asks…

Was that really OSCAR DE LA HOYA in DRAG……????

Or was it photoshopped??


Administrator answers:

Oscar’s lawyers sent a letter off to x17, the site that posted them and said,

“We are aware that you have posted on your website X-17 today certain photographs which you purport depict Mr. De La Hoya…the images are not newsworthy…As you know, Mr. De La Hoya has never consented to your use of his image for any purpose. Accordingly, demand is made that you immediately take down these images, withdraw them from your website, and make no further use of them.”

According to the NYDN the pictures were taken by a stripper at Scores. The stripper claims to have carried on a year-long affair with him. Whenever Oscar was away from his family he’d fly her to wherever he was.

“She says she took the photos at the Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia on May 17.”
“He wore size 9 ladies shoes. He also liked wearing thigh-high nylons. He liked sex games. He and the girl would sit in a chair that they’d pretend was a motorcycle. He’d pretend he was the girl on the back of motorcycle. She’d be the guy. He’d grab her around the waist and squeal, ‘Faster! Faster!’”

The stripper claims he liked being called Goldie.

Maria asks…

Have you seen the photo of Britney Spears without her weave?

She looks like Donald Trump. LMAO

Administrator answers:

LOL, she looks terrible. And whats with the orange hair? Youre right…. Its Donald trump!*

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