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May 4, 2013

Jenny asks…

Buying a Super Bike off eBay?

So i have been looking at this Super Pocket Bike

would this be a good bike to get? it looks great but then’s theirs a chance the bike could be broken some how. any suggestions??

Administrator answers:

This is a bike made to look like a Honda. They don’t make pocket bikes, since they are too busy making real bikes. Don’t get sucked in with all the hype. The guys a total fraud trying to make that claim, so put your money back in the wallet, and keep it there for something that would be reliable and useful like a motorcycle.

Chris asks…

Any programs to design professional artwork for Album Covers for Mac?

I need a program or software where i can add cool text or add stuff to a picture, or make the background of a picture all the same color except an object – to make an artwork cover for a music album. It does not matter how much it costs. (Not photoshop)

Administrator answers:

VirtualBox -> :


Windows 7 -> :


Linux -> :

Way better programs for Linux. Some ok ones for Windows. Stay away from that mac crap.

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